Candle decoration layered cake

Submitted by enr on 25 Jan 2012
300 g fondant
sugar pearls gold
gold spray
selection tools for working with fondant
tool with a pointed tip
tweezers with pointed tips
1 round toothpick
1 round wooden skewer
soft thin round paintbrush
starch for dusting the work surface
cardboard disposable pad
Candle decoration layered cake
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For shaping the candle I used the Fund, not modeling mixture. Fondant is softer and therefore making is consistent with this. Since 2/3 of the fund to chamfer the desired height and thickness (not cylinder and cone). The cone was placed on the powdered starch with a surface with a narrow side downward. Top is formed as a cup with rough edge to look like melted wax from burning. Edge shape and paraffin drops - the size, number and their positions are based on fantasy. Toothpick cut smoothly and stuck in the middle of the bottom of the cup * *. Because fondant is soft, candle * * flattened by its own weight and about 20 minutes becomes cylindrical. From the remaining fondant taken three small balls that are shaped like drops, but dalgichki. The thick part of the drops are placed next to each other, and the elongated parts are twisted to a wick. In this way, a flame. Toothpick is removed from the spark plug and crashes into the flame to accurately sized hole. Match returns to the candle flame and put cardboard. The size of the flame must be proportionate to the candle, a small candle with a huge flame or large candle with a small flame are not particularly convincing. On the fondant to make and decorate a candle, in the case Cross and ruff as the cross is appliquéd with gold and pearls. Decorate immediately stick the candle to take its shape. Of the remaining fondant is shaped candelabra. Flattened on the circle, from which rises a wall, again in a cupped shape. With different instruments make inlays as required and occasion. flame candlestick and put cardboard and sprayed with gold spray. From now on should only be touched with tweezers because gold remains on your fingers. The candle is placed in a candlestick. Toothpick was stained with a little cocoa mixed into a drop of water, and holding it with tweezers is zabuchva again candle. Flame zabuchva top. In the incrustation of pearl inlay candlestick is optional. * wooden skewer the products used for making ryusha. If you do not fluted, you will not need it. * tool with a sharp point is to press the beads during decoration. With a brush, moisten slightly the surface on which are placed the pearls. * Depending on the occasion you will need to paint and fondant. * Whatever constructed is better to have a plan. As can be seen from the pictures on the cross, I did his pre-grooves at each end and in the middle because I knew that I wanted to put a larger pearls there. If I made notches after putting the fine pearls, I'd risk of stretching the material they fall to my waist.
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25 Jan 2012


great master his Raleigh, candle as genuine, you have no equal, you have to drawing, I am light years from that art!

Rally is great, but can you recipe for fondant ..

Beautiful ornament cake! These cakes are unbeatable!

Again unique! A lot of talent, a lot!

Great explained, and the result is unique!