Caramel Frosting

Submitted by enr on 09 Aug 2010
250 g of powdered sugar
125 ml cream, liquid
2 tbsp butter
1/2 packet of vanilla sugar
Powdered sugar put in a dry frying pan, heat the stove and stir constantly until get brown. Repay with the cream, add the butter and vanilla. Remove from heat and stir until cool down well to hot down. It immediately pour cold roast, and allowed to set.
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09 Aug 2010


Vanche, I found, may be useful recipe.

I add - I have not try it.

Thanks for the recipe today and then will try to write.

And why should he powdered sugar? With crystal will you become?

Mim, glazes are some Taqwa bulk and frosting If it happens ?, if crystal becomes just milk caramel, which is sticky, but not dry, but with a cigar sugar is as fine sand, oh, I do not know how to explain it ... I found this recipe with a version from which read: milk caramel (ready) + powdered sugar, stir, pour on sladisha and ready. But did not know whether milk Kram is everywhere. That is. Mortar, you wrote that you tried with melted butterscotch? What if I still try again, but finally add powdered sugar to thicken Slack? I think it should be done.