Chicken a la inspiration BABY

Submitted by enr on 03 Aug 2010
400 g chicken or fried and chopped pork
1 egg
3-4 tbsp mayonnaise
3 tbsp starch
salt, pepper and spices of your choice
# addition :
2 roasted red peppers
1 roasted chili pepper (optional)
400 g mushrooms mushrooms
200 g processed cheese
150 g cheese
1 clove garlic
Chicken a la inspiration BABY
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Chop the meat into very small pieces, add salt and spices. Put the egg, mayonnaise, chopped roasted peppers, a few sliced ​​mushrooms (about 100 g), the chopped clove of garlic, 50 g of cheese (grated). Stir. Add starch and again stirring nice. Dry pan pan with sunflower oil, rasim little flour and shaking spread flour on the bottom. Pour the finished mixture and smoothing. Other mushrooms (about 300 g) sliced ​​and add processed cheese (cut into small pieces). Of this mixture with a spoon put on the chicken so that it cover all. Grate the remaining cheese on top and bake it in a moderate oven. * It can be said that the lazy version of the basic recipe (Пилешки cutlets Tenderness ), which I personally like very much. * Thank BABY, allowing me to publish this my kind.
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03 Aug 2010


And in this way will try Elti :), no doubt it will be delicious.

I liked. It's quick - and throwing mess in the oven. Lazy work:-) But this does not mean that chops Tenderness will stop doing them. Everything depends on the time and occasion. As test share.

It is very tasty, I definitely like it should try and chops mandatory.

nelale, I'm glad you liked the recipe. A delicate cutlets recommend them - very tasty - those I have several times (even with pork).

It was great, I personally tsraknah and ketchup auu delicious meals (sun) ...

sprite, you sweet:-) Glad you were tasty.

unique yummy happened all licking their plates, bravo for the recipe. and a picture of me ...

sanches, I'm glad you liked the recipe and thanks!

What do you mean - *put this mixture on the chicken?* I want to prepare this yummy, but something did not understand ... Chicken mixture is made as pig you? Or put whole chicken fillets on pork with extras?

maknik, the mixture which is obtained from the sliced ​​mushrooms and melted cheese. That is. Put on chicken mushrooms and melted cheese. A top comes and cheese. Success and will be glad if you like.

Thank you, Elti, today will be prepared;)

Tasty became, albeit with less mushrooms and cheese!

Chicken breasts in raw form you cut or pre-cured?

I apologize for the delayed response, apetinova - yes, raw meat is minced. But if you can gently fry or boil advance. Your question reminded me that some chickens water content of the meat is great and the pretreatment is a good solution.

Very tasty! I put a little more chushtki and roasted mushrooms. Became a real fantasy. Thanks for the recipe!

Thank you, Karra! I'm very glad your comment and your meal!