Chicken leg Dream

Submitted by enr on 31 Jan 2010
1 chicken leg
4-5 mushrooms
100 g processed cheese
100 g grated cheese
150 g sour cream
spices of your choice
Chicken leg Dream
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Leg put to boil up polugotovnost. Put it in a baking pan, cut the washed mushrooms, processed cheese and cheese, pour the cream, seasoned with spices and bake, sprinkle with parsley.
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31 Jan 2010


Looks great that more :) I will prepare as soon as possible, but to know that until I read already hungry :(

It's great :) goes to Favorites

It looks very tasty. This is a recipe for the first leg? And if you need to prepare 4? 800 g. Of cheese, 800 grams of cheese, 1 liter cream ?! I do not see credible. Otherwise go to favorites.

Very tasty. As far as I can see from the photo Petya, it is a double leg, that is (in my opinion) the specified products are very reliable. If you need to prepare four legs that will be about 1, 200-1, 400 kg. it is safe to put them in 400 g melted cheese, and certainly a large pot of cream 400g will be enough (I would put straight 2 cups).

accurate measure not cook, but I've pretty much match the kitchen scale, how faithful I do not know, then put everything eye

It looks delicious! And the quantities seem to me quite realistic. Put to favorites waiting line :)

Very nice recipe! Received me well, several times I'm doing.

I'm glad you like it