Chicken in sweet and sour sauce

Submitted by enr on 14 Jan 2012
600 g chicken breasts
5 cloves garlic
1 tsp ginger
3 tbsp vinegar
3 tbsp ketchup
1 tsp sugar
Chicken in sweet and sour sauce
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Chicken meat cut into cubes which are coated with sunflower oil and fry in a Teflon pan, fry as add a little sunflower oil and add crushed garlic and ginger spoon. When fried chesancheto take out the meat from the pan and in the same pan put the vinegar to evaporate half add sugar and stir to melt then add the ketchup and salt the meat back in the pan with the sauce mix and get out of the fire
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14 Jan 2012


And if you want the sauce to be thicker Can I use tomato paste?

Just this recipe I have not tried and do not know whether tomato paste will become more thick sauce (although it should). But (in principle) to thicken I use natural corn starch (talk about sweet - sour sauce, but in another recipe).

Elti's rights in Asian cuisine is thickened with starch. Tomato paste will only turn cloudy sauce without changes especially the density.

Sosa is not rare ,, the photo looks so .. I always do a double dose because I adore home .. Otherwise dose is sufficient for lubricating a fillet not swim in it but again I do it in a large amount!

Very tasty and easy. Sauce made in a double dose next time 4 because it is very nice. Thank you.

I am very glad that you like!

Whether if instead put vinegar soy sauce is done in Chinese resturanti?

E Lia, soy sauce is not sour. In restUranti Chinese soy sauce is a condiment to give salinity and specific taste, not to acidification.

If you omit the vinegar will go away and the acidic portion of sweet and sour sauce, as written recipe must be closer to the sweet and sour sauce in Chinese restaurants.

makes you will follow the original. Thanks for the advice!

Sosa as a very close to the sauce in restaurants as taste. Opitai think that you will not regret it ...

really becomes very tasty, but I did a triple dose of products! :) :)

Annie, I would still do it all if I had, so that my husband loves it very, and I mean, lol and my dogs probably covered pretty: D

I would add canned pineapple slices and carrot as in restaurants. Tastier will be!