Chicks in the nest

Submitted by enr on 30 Oct 2013
3 eggs
2 potatoes
30 g feta cheese
50 g wide Hamburg or sausage
4 black peppercorns
1 carrot or red pepper
2 sprig of parsley or green leaves leeks 2
2 matches Tooth
Chicks in the nest
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First, sausage cut to 2 wheels, then lightly fry in sunflower oil in a pan. Importantly, the fry only one side to form a shape like a bowl. Peel the potatoes and cut into thin strips or grated, then also fry (you may use the oil of salami). By subtracting, leaving 5-10 minutes in court echoed the fat. Then divided equally between the wheels of salami. The nest is ready. Boil eggs and use only the yolks. Both yolk placed on grated potatoes and serve as the basis of the body of the chick. They pins on a toothpick, which connects the body with the head. Heads were prepared from three cooked yolk is mixed with the feta cheese and formed two smaller beads. Pin in the upper end of the stick. On both sides of the head is one grain of pepper, which serve as eyes. Of carrots or peppers, which is available shall be cut with a knife comb and beak that are placed on the head. Queue is placed at the rear end of the body in a parsley sprig, or if leek leaf - was cut into 3-4 thin strips to make the tail. * The products are for 2 nests.
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30 Oct 2013


This chick you my favorite, but to be honest, then made 60 for such an anniversary, I feel like I'm in a poultry farm :)