Children layered cake for birthday

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3 prepared cake bases
9 biscuits +1 decoration
# Cream gluing the bases:
1 liter milk
cream starch to 1 liter milk + products necessary for preparation his
# Cream cover:
200 ml cream
1 egg white
1 cup powdered sugar
# For decoration:
powdered sugar
food dye
Парено dough - marzipan Varna
# In the house:
1/2 croissant
striped candy
Children layered cake for birthday
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Cream is prepared at the direction of the package. It adhere to the bases, as one row row and biscuits (biscuit base can be second or third, it is important to complete a ready base cake base). Cream to cover the cake is obtained by mixing of cream, egg whites and powdered sugar, it is watered cake, as we try to cover the entire cake top and sides. So blind and covered cake stand in refrigerator 12 to 24 hours. Allow time for decorating. houses (see photos): With a knife cut one end of the croissant to obtain symmetrical roof and bonded with the wide side of the cake. Using a syringe and colored cream covered walls and roof colors cream. Window and door are made of pre-steamed dough, they are stuck on house covered with cream of our desired location. Chimney is cut with a knife by additional biscuit and cream pins in the roof, it also covered with cream. From the additional biscuit cut and fence (see photos). Animals are prepared in advance by Steamed dough. The rest of the decoration is according to the time and fantasy.
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27 Sep 2010


Well done, really cheerful children's cakes.