Chocolate acorns

Submitted by enr on 24 Feb 2013
1 egg
80 g butter
70 g sugar
1/2 Bourbon vanilla pod
180 g flour
5 g baking powder
100 g chocolate
2 tbsp sour cream optional
jam orange peels optional
Chocolate acorns
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Of all the products without chocolate and almonds, knead the dough medium consistency. Made into cookies the size and shape of an acorn. Bake in greased with butter tray at a temperature of 180C. One end of baked acorn is dipped in melted chocolate. Almonds are cut along the thickness of the match (cut a slit) and pinned onto in chocolate icing 0 as stalks. * I did Ghana 50 g chocolate and 2 tbsp sour cream. Raztochih dough to a thickness 1-2 mm. a rectangle. I made two types: - Top put evenly on the surface ganasha. Rolled and cut the roll into pieces that baked. Topped with roasted almonds and jam groove of orange peels. - cut out circles with a glass, put in the middle of Ghana. I turned on bundles and I shaped like a cocoon. Topped with roasted almonds and jam groove of orange peels.
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24 Feb 2013
500 species of sweet -izd.1992g - Sliven


ma_rri_na, something difficult imagining it to the original preparation, this *cocoon* confuses me. If I understand correctly - the dough is formed zhaladcheta (oblong balls) with roast immersed 1/3 in chocolate and sprinkled with almonds and chocolate coating is so hat of zhaladcheto?

Absolutely right. Form of zhaladche. Hat is chocolate and bademcheto plays handle. Go no more than 10-12 cookies. Slightly form their pozagubva baking pt. For cutting shapes with or make figurines are not. With more flour that can be compensated, but will not be so soft. Moreover, it should be very warm dough. Even if necessary before putting in preheated oven may be left in the refrigerator to cool. Special care must be taken with the baking time, because it is not ready for more than 3-4 minutes. I my original zhaladcheta I dropped them, and burned.

Once were very modern zhaladchetata. Shaping them with a teaspoon. So on one side becomes wider / which later was submerged in chocolate and nuts / and from other less-narrow. There were some special presses, which are formed the different shapes of sweet. :)

You're right, tilia, but with a spoon are very small and you need to stick together two by two. Cast iron press had a grandmother like Waffle, roasting on the stove. Received as a shell, inside is filled with cream and Production of Panels halves together. I thought recently about it, but it is looking like declaring war on women in senior part of the family.

And we used iron :) There are so beautiful and practical forms, but it is time! Who knows what will come after time! :)