* Chocolate Pancakes delight *

Submitted by enr on 17 Oct 2010
2 cups milk
egg 1
2 cup flour raising agent (or 2 cups flour usually with 1 tbsp baking powder)
1/4 tsp soda
1/3 cup sugar
2-4 tbsp cocoa
100 g chocolate
1 vanilla
* Chocolate Pancakes delight *
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In a bowl is broken slightly milk and egg. In another bowl mix the flour, baking soda, sugar, vanilla, cocoa and the chopped chocolate. Once the dry ingredients, mix thoroughly them add egg-milk mixture. Stir with a spoon until homogeneous. With a ladle to scoop up the mixture and pour into warm and lightly brushed with butter pan. When the mixture poured into a pan, first spread to the desired thickness (about 0.51 cm), then allowed to form bubbles when the upper side slightly dry, turning the pancake to baking and to the other side. Can be served hot or cold, garnished with honey, cream, fruit, chocolate or another of your choice. * The thickness of pancakes may be different - thicker become juicy. These pancakes are thicker than usual, so do not expect to be able to wound. * The chocolate may be dark, milk, white or even nuts. If using white stands and pancakes are more interesting. * If you love the taste of dark chocolate, put at least 4 tbsp cocoa.
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17 Oct 2010


VERY appetizing look. Thanks for the recipe.

terrific offer for chocolate lovers!

This mixture of waffles that will happen?

Do not squeeze for another egg. Otherwise super recipe.

Supeer! Great lover of chocolate I am!

Super! I love chocolate. I made them in a Teflon pan without oil put. Were great! :)

It was a real chocolate temptation! I do not like sweet pancakes (I prefer them with salt filling), but these could not resist :) I put 100 g. White chocolate, then thought better :) and put another 100 g. Natural. Were wonderful!

Interesting idea. Just that I have not tried. Yesterday I did, but I painted one side with red paint for sweets and other added cinnamon. And I'm more eggs, at least in my opinion become fluffy :)