Submitted by enr on 30 Oct 2009
1 kg lemons
1 kg of sugar
1 tsp limontozu
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Lemons are washed well with warm water. Drain the juice and leave in the fridge. Peel of lemons was ground with machine for meat. Pour with 1 liter of water and allowed also in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Then the water is filtered, mixed with lemon juice and sugar were added. Stir until melted and added limontozuto (do not boil). Optional to lemons can add the juice of 1-2 oranges and grapefruit juice 1-2. When consumption is diluted with plain or sparkling water. Especially nice drink for the summer.
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30 Oct 2009


I believe you! I have not thought to extract the scent of the peel! The recipe I like very much and I suppose and diluted with hot water for the winter is very nice, and super immune system! Will be done soon. How long lasting the concentrate in the refrigerator?

Super idea! I will. My son just loves lemons. Just makes me his slice them and eat them so even without sugar.

I forgot to give you evaluate :): :)

I do not know how the durability Lemonade, zashtato in my family does not last more than ten days, of course, store it in the refrigerator. You will be very pleased, especially in summer. Health and eat a lot of ice!

terrific offer. Will try necessarily :)

Very nice recipe. Due to lack of machine for grinding meat Shred peel in blender. Thanks for the idea.