Cream with egg liqueur

Submitted by enr on 19 Aug 2010
600 g of sour cream
100 ml egg liqueur
6 tbsp sugar
200 ml cream
1 vanilla
Cream with egg liqueur
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Cream drain while the remaining 400-450, the Mix sugar, vanilla, sour cream and liqueur, stir until smooth mass. Cream mix of snow and may latch and added to the cream. Stir gently, do not drop completely. In cups or glasses are broken biscuits and put them on the cream. Arranged with biscuits and garnish optional.
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19 Aug 2010


When I was little, her mother preparing homemade egg liqueur. Liked him very much, but they gave me a little (child and alcohol .... not). And they (big) drank it quickly, he was weak. This cream must be very gentle taste and suitable for summer dessert. We will try and share.

And my mother did it, was apparently in vogue:-) The recipe is egg liqueur, but can be done with any thick liqueur - Baileys, Amaru and whatnot. There are many recipes for homemade liqueurs, if anyone is interested, I can put my recipes.

Yes, put if you have any, I would make them. From homework better not!

We really liked the pudding. I'm not wring cream and put cream-almond liqueur. It is very light taste. Close to the taste of melted ice cream. Aliana, thanks for the great taste and super easy recipe. There are pictures.