Crispy and fresh appetizer

Submitted by enr on 14 Aug 2010
5-6 green peppers
600 g drained yogurt
100 g feta cheese Dunavia
1/2 cucumber
200 g ham (soft salami)
200 g cheese
3-4 green olives
salt, parsley, dill
grains sweetcorn
garlic (optional)
Crispy and fresh appetizer
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Select midsize peppers. Dug and cleared from seed. Other product mix and fill them tightly peppers. Put them in the fridge to firm and presentation are cut into circles. Decorate be optional.
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14 Aug 2010


Oh, that certainly grabbed me like a recipe. Required to Favorites and soon I will.

Whoa, great appetizer! I put in favorites :)

In these heat a fresh proposal! For me it's straight course. Zdravche, you have a picture? And when I went to favorites.

Very tasty appetizer.

There but children are deleted them without asking. I do it a lot and put next time. I'm glad that you liked. Try it, you will not regret it.

This I have eaten, but I never remembered to cut it into circles to see the beauty of multicolored filling. Very. is refreshing.

It is really crispy and fresh. And also beautiful. I liked it, but I personally next time I increased the cheese at the expense of yogurt. There's a picture of me.