Crispy frying onions (Roestzwiebeln)

Submitted by enr on 27 Apr 2010
or chili powder
or garlic powder (sparingly)
fat frying
Crispy frying onions (Roestzwiebeln)
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Luke cut into rings or stripes that are carefully separated from one another. Salt and optional seasoned. In a bowl, sprinkle plenty of flour, put one layer of onions, then again plenty of flour, onions, etc. again, ending with flour. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Sieved through, not 'bounce strongly, or just shook hands. Flour remained generally assumes no odor, but may have other spices. So is ideal for batter and savory bakery or bread. Heat plenty of oil on medium, not overcooked. Luke frying portions and leave the kitchen paper to drain and cool. Store in a box or jar, also covered with crepe kitchen. For direct consumption can be mixed with chopped parsley. Onion is perfect garnish to: steaks and cutlets to pan or BBQ, sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers, fried meats and poultry, fried and roasted chicken, fried and roasted sausages. To mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, prepared without onion, fried pasta and rice. In addition to savory baked bread and gives a unique flavor and taste, processed directly in the dough. It can be prepared and dark onion sauce. For the proportion: One large onion - about 2-3 tbsp flour
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27 Apr 2010


Mmm, much like onions! Definitely will prepare!

And we very much love, fried, baked. Many thanks, will surely be yummy!

Super! Long sought such a recipe. Because I have tried. Thank you very much.

Bravo, will try it. Looks very appetizing.

You must try, however, can I just ask - what is frying, fry or some other technology. Thank you in advance!

:-) frying is frying in a lot of fat, so that the product does not stick to the bottom of the container, which is fried and swimming in fat. As in the fryer:-)

It is very tasty. Really well combined with meat - the sample is. Thank Aliana recipe! I want to ask for a supplement in the batter's how it works? I make it in this manner and add to bread dough and knead everything together or used as stuffing? And this onion sauce, which mentioned how to do?

You can put as stuffing, but more flavorful to add to the dough during kneading, so come into contact with the wet ingredients and was able to *let go* fragrance. For the sauce: 1: 1 onion and water to the boil, season with salt, pepper and whatever else is like, allow to boil until the sauce thickens from breading onion. Finally, you can sprinkle with herbs of choice.

Oh, this sounds very appetizing sauce. Will try it too. Thanks for the quick response.

1: 1 I mean volume frying onions 1 cup to 1 cup water. It is approx. Depending on how much flour has gone in frying, can be more dense or rare sauce. In the first case up with water, the second is left longer to boil.

Congratulations Aliana, that recipe is your first competition. I do not know whether this is the most appropriate for praise, but the recipe you deserved the tip. Well done.

super! otgkoga only look for such recipe