Decorative birds to decorate

Submitted by enr on 02 Aug 2009
3 egg whites
150 g of powdered sugar
1/2 tsp lemon juice
pinch of salt
pink and blue paint confectionery
Decorative birds to decorate
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Whip with sugar, salt and lemon juice on hard snow. To form the body of the bird, you need to draw on baking paper. For a chicken need two bodies, four wings and a tail. Kremcheto is distributed in three bags - white, pink and blue. Cut the ends to get Posh. With their help paint the details on paper. Dried in an oven about 1 hour 50-60 C. Assembly - on a piece of biscuit is toggle pins at the base of which put cream. Glued two bodies, two by two wings to become one body and two wings. The body is glued tail. Fixed with cream. Form a pink comb and chovchitsa. With a piece of chocolate made her eyes. Allowed to dry at room temperature, taking care not to break. The cream, which blind them gently moisturize and do not break. Under cream I mean beaten whites. These birds can decorate cakes and other.
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02 Aug 2009
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BRAVO! Great beauty! A lot of work, but worth it 100%!

Many are these beautiful little birds. Eli good work you over. Congratulations!

implementation seems difficult, but it is not required and who knows what skills.

I do not think it is difficult, but is laborious. Abe has to spend an afternoon and see how I will rig ... inspiring now:-)

Bravo! as truly are!

bravo very orginal shte try and I

removing sugar tales were BRAVO, BRAVO! This work is worth the result!