Delicious veal shanks in the oven

Submitted by enr on 26 Aug 2010
1 veal shank
1 onion
1 carrot
1 clove garlic
1 bay leaf
pinch of thyme, basil, sage, oregano, marjoram
peppercorns, salt
1 / 2 tbsp paprika
50 ml white wine
25 ml olive oil
Delicious veal shanks in the oven
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Jolie wash and dry. In pot roasting put sliced ​​carrot and onion, garlic, bay leaf, peppercorns, spices, white wine and 50 ml water. Shank add salt, smeared with olive oil mixed with paprika and place in the pot. Bake in a moderate oven until ready. I Peko 170 C for 4 hours, from time to time it around.
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26 Aug 2010


looks damn tasty. The only one problem is that the veal, which is sold in stores is not a calf, but the calf of his grandmother :) This is one of my favorite recipes with malkato difference that I add butter and whole peeled potatoes in the pot .

Because of veal and I went past the first recipe. That meat is beef, no problem - it will boil in the pressure cooker. But at us hard and is filed. The recipe is super and will use it for pork or chicken. Will become something very fragrant and tasty, especially baked in ceramic pot!

Thank you for evaluations girls. A meat BG will not comment.

VERY tasty look. I will go to varyant pork :) The reasons are clear;)

Very well cooked and seasoned, but I just want to say that red meat more suited for a marinade or sauce of red wine. Very well pregotvena recipe!

Personally, I use only white wine because it is more aromatic than red. A matter of taste:-)

made with pork. Great, very tasty. Here's a photo.