Easter sponge cakecheta

Submitted by enr on 03 Feb 2010
6 eggs
100 g raisins
rind of 1 lemon
200 g butter
300 g flour
300 g of powdered sugar
whole shells of 20 eggs
paint eggs - different colors
Easter sponge cakecheta
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Shells painted with different colors of paint. The butter is mixed with half of the sugar foam. Add the egg yolks one by one, then the raisins and grated lemon rind. Whites with remaining sugar crash of snow and discharged gradually to the yolk mixture, adding and flour. Mix well. Eggshells are filled with cake mixes to 2/3 of their volume. In order not to tilt, pan is in nests of sea salt, place in them and baked in a moderate oven until golden.
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03 Feb 2010
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I saved the recipe as *cakes in eggshells.* It is interesting, but it deters me do that, I do not know how to break eggs to divide into equal halves shells. Should make 40 cupcakes. Furthermore, break 20 eggs, 6 will go for cupcakes and 14 others also should be used immediately! If you make them, would you share experience, or if someone else knows - please share.

It is really very interesting and ideologically.In Veligden as kneading cakes will keep the shells depends on the recipe, but average 4 second br.yaytsa kilogram flour and 6 pieces of the recipe, so will smog to make the number of shells.Only, I think that using the shell of two halves, filled with cake mixes and bake, it will double or at least will be displayed over the shell and must be decorated as a newly-hatched chick.At least the way I explain it to my idea of ​​implementing Velegdenskiya design.So it seems to me the most logical.If anyone knows exactly how to do or think of something more practical to write.

I thought of another idea.If cake mixes split stain of different colors.Will fill colored half shells with a different color cake mixes than the shell and get streaky Veligdensko aytse cakes.

You can make a small hole on top of the egg with something thin and very sharp.Grandmother of village drinking fresh eggs them pierced with a needle, needle and mixed drinks.In the same way, but you have to make a larger hole okolo3-4 mm. it can be filled with the asweet form of a syringe.I suppose.

I have the magazine where a picture of cupcakes-I well know, but I think the shells are broken in a little more than half, so perhaps it will need a lot of eggs.The mixture does not come out of them, even below the level of the shells.Pretty cakes will have to knead. :)))

And this with the color of the mixture of different colors is a good idea.

For a sample recipe can be reduced pro rata according to the number of eggs they want to do and if it's worth will now break aytsata

I think the idea is eggshell remains fairly intact. As in the preparation of molded eggs - drill hole near the edge with a sharp knife or a thick needle and to drain the egg, then wash the shell and is ready to use. And the large number of shells is not so difficult - some time before the holiday we are starting to break eggs to use in this way, and save the shells.

Obviously provoke your interest! I got her recipe from a newspaper, without a photo, so Desi, if you shoot the photo in the magazine and put her to the recipe. However, this will be a landmark idea. The recipe is pretty game, but worth it for the holiday. I am also thought the proposal to withdraw the egg contents and filled with spray, but it starts to inflate dough that will not crack the egg. And if a half or three quarters think it would be - beautiful. I've been thinking and questions to collect eggshells in advance, but it requires some time. Stops me thinking about solmonelata. Will be difficult to wash these shells inside / outside will be prewashed / without break. If after wash inside can be boiled / disinfection / but as fragile, will not break. Did a lot of questions I asked myself.

Ina ready. I hope to help and pictures.

Bravo, Desi! This is a guideline that at least the eggs are not whole.

Very interesting :)