Easter vegan biscuits

Submitted by enr on 25 Jan 2012
110 ml corn sunflower oil
110 ml orange juice
150 g of sugar.
250 g almonds peeled and minced meat
2 vanilla
1/2 tsp ammonia soda
orange peel - grated
pinch salt to taste
flour as the dough that does not stick to your hands
Easter vegan biscuits
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The oil, juice and sugar beat with a mixer, add the almonds, ammonia soda, quenched with a little lemon juice, vanilla and salt. Stir well, add flour and, so as not to stick to your hands. Roll out a sheet cutter and cut the cookies. Arrange in a tray that is greased with sunflower oil, or on kitchen paper. Bake in preheated oven until ready na180C. * There are about 40 pieces.
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25 Jan 2012
From the Greek Metropolitan Teofilaktos in Tripoli


Tez cookies do them Easter Lent and are very tasty!

I like! Make them an Easter Lent.

And, I liked these cookies! But this corn oil whether it is with us?

Desi corn oil is available to us, I have copula, it cook on low ... but I think that may well in this recipe to replace oil ... the difference is that corn oil has a mild taste, almost no residual odor and is ideal dietary vegetable oil and so on, n!

Desi does not matter whether it is corn, sunflower or sesame oil!

buying straighten ...

look tempting! And I will not wait for Easter to do!

Thank you, girls :)

They look very tasty and will naprvya. I want to ask, because I need to lean sweet for a sad sign, but I can not do the day before, if you do Tuesday to Saturday will withstand it?

endured months are very durable.

Yesterday I made them. Were very tasty. All of them much liked. Will surely do again :)

I am glad that you like.