Eggs Navarra

Submitted by enr on 10 Mar 2009
50 g butter
150-200 g of tomato paste
5 eggs
150 g fillet, ham or other sausage
100 g cheese
Spread the bottom of the pan with butter. Spills tomato paste, puree on bruised eggs (raw). Is arranged above the sausage, so as to cover the pan well. Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in a moderate oven until golden acquisition of cheese.
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10 Mar 2009


Sounds delicious and you will try it :)

Bake at the moment, but I told him I added pickles and corn. I guess it would be tasty, tonight will tell;)

Well will wait to share!

Milena unexpected to dinner, I tried it and was super, I'm sorry that my camera is gone to show you how good it looks! Thank you, very tasty and will do it often because it is easy to prepare!

You can replace the tomato paste with crushed tomatoes from the jar (they are a little more water, however)?

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the recipe. Tomorrow I will prepare it because yesterday I put the last egg sponge cake.

Surely you with crushed tomatoes from the jar, you will sauce to melt.

Tonight I made eggs and it was very tasty. Thanks for the recipe Milencha!

Thank you liked the recipe, and I will take to make it so I can not enjoy what you have experienced.

Today I made them and were very tasty! Furthermore, they become very quickly, even for people who do not have much time to cook.

Oh, very *tasty* comments you posted! Must try! Bookmark