Fast peach layered cake

Submitted by enr on 28 Jul 2011
3 ready the base
2 peaches (from 800-900 g)
cream of your choice, but not starch (I used the packet vanilla cream cakes)
Fast peach layered cake
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Place first base on the tray and syrup syrup compote. Fruits mix to paste, but quite a bit to be more densely. Spread already syrupy base and the same is repeated with the other the base, as the top after syrupy I put very little sauce. Top drenched with cream and decked with sliced ​​peaches. It's nice to stand overnight. * Do not use cream-starch because they are more water and warm creams. Most suitable are finished sachets cream cakes, which are broken down with milk to the blender.
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28 Jul 2011


It seems very easy and delicious! In these heat such light Pastry is very suitable. I guess that can be made with other fruits.

It looks nice. Will try. Goes to favorites.

Thank you :) Girls still rush to the beach do not have time for cakes and decided to test his work. Became really very tasty and light. Of course, it will be done with other fruits, but compote (to be more sweet and juicy). I will wait your comments :)

Very soft and light cake. Do it with starch and cream still going on. To not become so juicy, put less syrup in syrup. But now will try to cream cake.

Inka, thank you :) I thought starch cream because more water will not be able to stay more than a day on the cake, but by zamislya- which was performed in the evening, stay overnight and the next day done :)

Oh, this person must read further and then to write, but I looked at the picture and because like my cake, I wrote the comment! I once syrup first cake / I do it with 2 ponds optional / arrange thin slices of peaches. Rooms with cream. Set top second base, a little syrup, cream and decorate in a similar way as you. Now I'll do it like you - with mashed between the latter must and cream on top.

May you haresa- and I personally made with cream and fruit between the latter must, but it is much lighter and *summer.* Because fruits are sweet compote, and as for siropa- rights ccr only 3-4 tablespoons of syrup each crust enough. For example, I used the syrup just one compote and fruits of the two, because I used for decoration :)

have prepared the cake and get successful. I made it with cream, also obtained.