Fondant candy marshmallow

Submitted by enr on 09 May 2011
55 g butter
450 g candy marshmallow (marshmallows)
60 ml water
5 ml liquid vanilla
910 g of powdered sugar
Fondant candy marshmallow
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Candy placed in a deep bowl and melt in microwave Oven (30 seconds to 1 minute). Add water and vanilla and mix until a smooth mixture. Attention is one cup of powdered sugar, and the rest is added in a glass cup and stir until a sticky dough. With the butter is smeared hands and begins to knead until the dough becomes flexible. With separate doomesva sugar until smooth and stop sticky (5 to 10 minutes). Form a ball and bends tightly adherent foil. Leave in the refrigerator overnight. Before working with the Fund is allowed to come to room temperature. Can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator.
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09 May 2011


interesting recipe. Only figures you use or may be sharpening sheet?

I personally do not use vanilla, I think that the mere taste of candy is sufficient, but it is my taste of course. Fits figures which quickly dry and harden easily, and also to cover, but it should be borne in mind that a little dough (at least to me so I was receiving up to now). I used the pink candy so I saved his addition of paint, was an amazing color and taste.

is used to cover, but I personally have not tried yet. And I did not put vanilla.

These pictures are my first experience working with marshmallow fondant from only the figures are of this coating fondant on the cake of marzipan Varna. Now prefer honey fondant that I actually got into the site. Each with their preferences. I am happy of the three types of test coverage and decorations.

OK, girls, thanks for the answer!

And what are these bonobo? :)

are like foam. I'm not sure in Bulgaria are popular, but I guess them. Here is their recipe: Бонбони Marshmallow (Marshmallows)

Sladki64e, you did great lion. BRAVO!

Again I see great beauty - and reindeer, and elfcheto are fabulous. Congratulations to the ideas that we propose for implementation!

Thank you, Elti! I stayed fondant from long ago and charged with *Christmas spirit*, I decided to use it :).

John, are wonderful! Naviesh me a little and I try :) Something them pull the sugar test yet, but we'll see how long!

One after another has wonderful creations! Beauty! And accordingly - Greetings from the heart!

Bravo, they are great!

Istenski Santa Claus made a master!

And I like, I go to scrunch! :) Congratulations to the master!

Here's the main character :)

Thanks for all the nice words! LYUBCHO should not try. I've never done anything like that - even in childhood, when we were playing with plasticine not me :) attributed modeling. For the first time here on this site I met these beauties and sugar became my hobby :).

is unique! Polished to the last detail! Bravo, bravo, bravo! I can not check on them. Congratulations on your skillful hands! I'm not good at modeling you'll be glad of your!

Who can do - it can! Great Santa Claus / Frost - and to call it /! I did not scrunch it and I enjoy it at least until the New Year! Again, congratulations!

Again beauty! Well, I'm not in the place of admins - and this week, let alone for months, will consider how best photos, I do not know!

Thank you, Ina! I could not cope with this Christmas star, as I wanted May will not use it for the cake that thought.

srahotniya recipe. I just want to ask how does the addition of paint.

to color the whole dough using a toothpick, which sink into the gel and paint spread on the dough, then knead. If you need more paint use another toothpick to fall dough particles in the paint. So, until the desired color. I tried another method - do colorless figure of dough and then paint with a brush (also made of leaves Poinsettia).

I forgot to mention that if you paint with a brush, the figures must be completely dry. If using powder paint (I used a special powder for flowers, but did not get the desired color and it added to gel green paint) dilute it with alcohol (vodka, gin).

star was magnificent.

All decorations are great. Applause.

decorations are wonderful! I recently came across this site and I am impressed and delighted by the incredibly beautiful cakes. Magnificent ideas and craftsmanship! So wake up and my curiosity and willingness to try. Today I made fondant. Because I am a complete beginner I want to ask whether this fund is suitable for *dressing* of cake or used primarily for figurines. I read below that Pepelon go mainly used for the figures, but I wonder what are *dressed* Your cakes Sladki64e?

ICE, Karra, thank you! Karra, all cakes whose photos I put to this recipe, without the latter are covered by this fund. The last strawberry and listantsata are made from this fund and used for coverage purchased, from which I am very pleased. Although writes that does not stick and it is not necessary to sprinkle the work surface with the powdered sugar stuck to me, to have to use powdered sugar. But then you get another problem, roll on the rolling pin and was difficult to work with. Recently I started to use this fondant candy marshmallow and you are used to work with him. The work surface must sprinkle with powdered sugar, and also on the dough, if stick to the rolling pin. I hope I've been helpful. I wish you success. If you fail the first time, do not lose courage. When I do my figurines and sticky hands, cover them with plenty of oil.

Many thanks for the fast and comprehensive response. I plan to decorate the cake for St. Valentine with this fund and will see how it is doing :). Once again congratulations for the beautiful creations!

Many thanks for the idea ... until now I have done cakes with marzipan *Varna*, but with this recipe became nice and very easy ... Ahead only in this way will do ... Again thanks for the good idea ... Attach a picture of a woman with corset and skirt, which was performed today on the occasion of the birthday of my father ...

Dudeslavka, very glad that you like the recipe and makes it easy. The cake is very playful :). Happy Birthday Dad - alive and well be!

A gloss on the figures how to achieve? I'm with protein basement and receive, but if there is another option I'd love to try it. :) And also what bonded are figures on the cake? (Again with protein I'm blind)

Sladkis4e, thank you for the great recipe, I loved working with this fondant, and upload photos, but unfortunately I used blue marshmallow candy, so my figures are blue and purple (with a little red paint).

diavolcheto, only now I see comments and photos. Glad you liked the Fund. I recently used it and I have forgotten how to work with it. Slightly moist / sticky happened, but so easy nalepih decoration on it. Cecytu, I wonder why I missed your comment. I wet the figures with a little water so they cohere to fondanovoto cover the cake, but as I said at the last cake I did not have, because as I covered the cake became wet. Nothing to gloss use by subtracting the finished cake from the refrigerator and the difference in temperature Fund moisten and look shiny. Someone has said that use sugar for coating.

Wonderful cake made his sladki64e, as is solar ... Good for you! :)

Yoankaaa so beautiful cake! Congratulations!