Fried potato balls with mince

Submitted by enr on 01 Aug 2009
5 potatoes
200 g minced meat
2 eggs
katrofeno puree powder
spices of your choice
Fried potato balls with mince
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Cook potatoes and blend. Fry the minced meat in a dry pan until crumbs and a nice brown. Season heavily. Mix potatoes, minced meat and egg yolks, knead well. Formed into balls that rolled in egg whites (plenty) and then in the dry mashed potatoes. Fried to golden or baked on paper of 180 C. The size of the balls does not matter, only the less make such a crunchy become.
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01 Aug 2009


For easy fried mince be mixed with a packet of dry mashed potatoes and only need to put the yolk. Then again add some protein in and fry.

Aliana, you give me a very good idea. It was for my grandson fickle. Having no dry mashed potatoes will try to ovalyam in breadcrumbs or starch. I'll write about the outcome.

Ina, I think there is no problem, should be done. Tell then what happened:-)

Rally, proteins are broken down into foam, right? Very nice recipe. And then splashed with cream-mayonnaise sauce with dill .. :)

Vesi, I only slightly smash them with a fork, but may foam probably even better keep breading.

I'll try both ways to see how it will be better :)

Rally wonderful recipe! Bravo! Goes to Favorites!

version with baking I like more, is healthy. Will drink a lot of cold beer :)

I think my balls after them ovalyam in proteins, then ovalyam them in cornmeal. It also becomes very crispy breading.

Of course I will. Question of predpichitanie and opportunities. If they do - upload photo:-)