Garlic pickle with soy sauce

Submitted by enr on 26 Oct 2014
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Garlic pickle with soy sauce
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Garlic cloves or whole chapter ranks in a jar and pour the rice vinegar. capped and kept in the dark in 2 weeks. Then 2/3 of vinegar is poured into a separate bottle and is used for salads. In jar with garlic make soy sauce, close and keep a month and a half. If garlic is an entire chapters in presentation is cut into two halves vertically. * The original recipe is for a whole chapter. I first tried it cloves, but next time I will put my whole heads of garlic. Soy sauce jar becomes gorgeous, I cast a bit of watering Asian noodles.
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26 Oct 2014


Anna, I guess in general do not have to be refrigerated, but do you think the problem is in the cupboard in the warm summer days?

Neville honestly do not know, I keep all the pickles on the floor in the garage, in a pantry under the stairs. Depends on how warm to you, in me and in the summer temperatures over 29 C are rare.

Thanks, Anna, the first two weeks if it is too hot will keep it in the cupboard, then the stage with soy sauce, will move to the refrigerator. After two months will tell how it happened :)

Well, Neville will wait for feedback! :)

Two weeks passed, so cast today supplemented with vinegar and soy sauce. Vinegar has become very tasty and very garlicky, so it will make a lot of salads with it. At this stage I can say that it is worth even the recipe for vinegar :)

I am glad that you like, Nevi! :)