Home Stracciatella ice cream

Submitted by enr on 23 May 2013
500 ml whole milk
3 eggs
100 g of powdered sugar
100 g sugar
2 powders or 1 vanilla pod
500 ml fresh cream
150-200 g chocolate
Home Stracciatella ice cream
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Beat very well the eggs with 100 g of powdered sugar and vanilla liquid. If you use a pod her scrape and put the hot milk. Optional then strain to remove the beads vanilla. Half of milk to pour eggs trickle, stirring constantly with a mixer. Then pour the egg mixture into the remaining milk and again defeated. Put the container on low heat to boil for a few minutes, mix and then leave to cool completely. Beat the cream with sugar powder snow and gently mix with the egg mixture, beating with mixer again. Transfer the mixture into a suitable container to freeze and put in the chamber for three hours. At a frequency of 3-4 times eject ice cream and beat with a mixer. Thereby avoiding the formation of crystals. In the last stirring and add finely crushed dark chocolate. Back in the chamber to freeze completely. Serve home Stracciatella ice cream balls and optional garnished with chocolate topping.
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23 May 2013


Super is Mimeto straight seduce me with this recipe! Tomorrow I go shopping and night to prepare this yummy! :)

Ole, it must be tested! :)

condensed milk guess is sweetened, and the box is how big?

spared condensed milk, everything else on the recipe filled, used for fragrance essences of orange and rum! It was a great homemade ice cream! The biggest compliments I received from my son, who is considered a great connoisseur of well prepared food! :) :) :)Once again, mimetics, thanks to shared recipe!

Pepi, razkoshna appetizing picture with homemade ice cream!

Thank you, viliya! Ice cream was very delicious, as always I had no time to decorate, willing to try, were super eager :)

Really appetizing picture Pepi! So far I've only done once and homemade ice cream was a real failure - became crystals, although it stirred a few times. That of my photos look good, so gave it a try and started ... :) results tonight :)

Reni, I hope you to be happy :)

We were very happy! Great ice cream! My men are delighted and decided that we should do it again :)

This time pressed it with muffins (Fruit pie Tanya). Chocolate, which shattered inside and arranging parts that ice cream pleaded with cappuccino - matched by great taste of cream and vanilla.

My son liked it a lot (not only it) :) and do it continuously. Now I have prepared with sheep's milk (home) and the result is amazing! I put a few tablespoons of cocoa and I filled with apricots.

It was very tasty ice cream! I also put his cocoa, but will try it with other flavors. There was no need to dismantle the mixer after I put it in the freezer - the mixture was very thick and oily.

Gergana this time and I do not Beat with a mixer, then put it in the freezer (well, that said) and no difference :) Ever since I saw the recipe do it constantly (it shows) :) with a variety tastes. Almost not buy ice cream :)

Reni, I'm glad that my comment was useful. Next time I will put instant coffee - this is our favorite flavors.

And I put instant coffee (and many cocoa) :) brought it formed into balls, roll in nuts. Yummy!

Rennie, the picture is amazing! All your photos images are so attractive that decoration and advertising of any recipe!

I totally agree with Dobby :) Aesthetic experience to view photos of rhenium :)

Dobrinka, Rally, thanks! I'm very glad your comments! I felt very nice of you beautiful words (and less embarrassing) :)

And again ... our favorite ice cream! This time instead of chocolate did biscuit *Homeland* cocoa.

We can not stop doing it (my son is already eat only homemade ice cream) :)

mimetics, ice cream is great! :) Liked it a lot at home, finished in no time! :) I'll have to do again! ;)

This time I did it in a baking dish (put inside sponge cake, cut into cubes) :)

Rennie, great ice cream cakes you did look very appetizing and taste do not doubt that it would be excellent ...! I will probably do and I, but we'll see when it will come and order :)

Thank Villas! :) Now all summer do this ice cream (much like us) :)

Not only that, I do constantly, but not stop to take pictures :) :) This time is cocoa inside with kibbled kisses. Became, as always great!