Homemade limoncello Palermo

Submitted by enr on 08 Mar 2012
1 liter of alcohol 80-90 degrees
8 large yellow lemons
1 kg of sugar
1 liter of water
Homemade limoncello Palermo
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Lemons are washed and dried, peel the sheet with a knife for potatoes. Alcohol is placed in the bottle no matter what is placed to the sheet in the bottle is closed with a cap. Store in a dark cabinet 20 days. Prepare syrup, water, sugar and boil for 2-3 minutes, allow to cool. Strain the alcohol from the sheet and mixed with sugar syrup. Pour into suitable bottles and kept in the freezer of the refrigerator. Drink as a liqueur after meals. Serve in small cups. I use it and make desserts with biscuits dip them in lemon seconds.
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08 Mar 2012


Wow, very high degrees ..... there will be about 50 degrees

will not work with higher degrees, sugar and water as the pods is not one liter and a lot more alcohol and sheet quite drastically decline. I do it with home-made alcohol from tomato paste 80 BC. Alcohol and falls exactly. Drink 1 cup small kat0 dezhistivo

The recipe is from my Italian niece they make it to 95 BC. Alcohol she is there of her grandmother and is very proud of this, is I can not reach these percentages in the manufacture of alcohol after a meal must be put bottle on the table and begin cup after cup and nobody gets drunk.

someone I would suggest you to drink alcohol with such degrees in our stores, please!

with homemade alcohol made from tomato paste ... Fleur i -th course that I became curious

Well here so we do it is pampering grape brandy to do, do mulberry figs, dates, grapes of wine but do from home. vodka and paste it pretty good.

Liqueur is made with ethyl alcohol (90% strength) from the pharmacy.

Easy to buy it if you live in a normal country, but there are no pharmacies, here we produce it. Of any alcohol as long as it has a high degree and therefore do whatever you want, ouzo, liquor, cognac, plum, whiskey, mint and whatnot ..

Vesi you intrigued me, now I measured at 80 degrees c. Alcohol as I did it and the final result is 24 BC. Alkoholnost limoncello. Until now I have not zamilila of degrees.

thank you dear, for all the information and for the recipe! I love fruit aperitifs and will write after you prepare it!