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Submitted by enr on 18 Jun 2009
Ice buy
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Take two different sizes Buy, the most put spices, put it in a small bowl on top is glued tape on the cross, In a large bowl pour the water to swim and small against the tape. Put them in the freezer for a few hours and by subtracting the small put lukewarm water to unstick the ice bowl. Used for tarator milk salads or if flower ice cream.
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18 Jun 2009


upload photos with freshly made tarator, may approve them> Many are spectacular, buy!

are very beautiful. Besides flowers've seen a fruit. But it is the best small bowl is about 2 cm in diameter than most. If much lower-bowl becomes quite thick. Bravo Zdravche that remembered to upload!

Many times I impressed your guests with ice bowl. Povyarvaite, the effect is great. Instead spices put lemon slices and geranium, and inside watermelon and melon, fruit salad and more.

Good words do not. Your idea is great.

Nice idea for our summer menu!

Looks great, will definitely make it and I hope they surprise my guests. Bravo for the original idea.

idea is great, but I have a vapros. Once the ice is not you bowl to melt yet as far as I know the ice cubes melt in a few minutes? And how pretty stand in icy condition?

will melt, of course :) The time depends on the ambient temperature and the thickness of the bowl - as a great piece of ice, the more time is required to melt it. I have not tried the idea, but I think if the bowl is thick about 2 cm at room temperature should last at least 30 minutes. In addition, it is generally put cold work - ice cream, tarator ... not hot coffee or tea :)

Paul is right, those shown me 25 minutes passed, but otdolo put crusty plate to no side effects. :)

God, this is a great idea. Vida fantziyata you work hard. BRAVO.

Bravo, those are great buy. In school practice we have done such, but I never remembered to surprise your guests with ice tarator or something else. Bladodarya the idea.

how-loving beautiful ...