Jam cherries

Submitted by enr on 21 Jun 2013
1 kg cherries
500 g sugar
1/2 tsp citric acid
geranium leaves - optional
Jam cherries
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Cherries are washed thoroughly with water. Cleaned of stems and stones, the fruit remain intact. Place in a suitable tray and sprinkled evenly with sugar. Leave in a cool place at least 7-8 hours, and then boiled. periodically with slotted spoon robbery formed in boiling foam. The readiness of jam is defined as a drop of syrup placed on an inclined plate is held without flowing down. Must be careful not to become too thick. Fruits become transparent. 3-4 minutes before removing from the fire added citric acid, optional leaf geranium / washed and dried / and mix. hot jam is packed in pre-washed, dried and warmed jars which are immediately sealed and turn the cap down to full cooling to seal, then harvested for storage.
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21 Jun 2013


Ina, great photos! I've ordered a crate cherries bring me from Kyustendil village. Surely avail the recipe. :)

Again, great shots and great recipe!

Bobby, I hope to stay happy! Jam is very aromatic and can be used to complement and decorate the many desserts. :)

Thank you, Willy! :)

Tilia, a wonderful recipe! Your photos are absolutely beautiful! So taste and aesthetics in one place! Congratulations!

Well, thanks for the kind words! :)

Ina, a problem you will be if you leave the cherries and sugar for one night in the baking pan? Until now I have not done Jam! Worried not become marc brandy! Thanks in advance! :)

Bobby, put them in the fridge for the night and you will have no problem! I always so proceed with jams, sprinkled with sugar they produce juice and do not need to add water. You will do, I wish you a successful jam :)

Maleee how typos ... rush is, please excuse me!

Pepi, thanks for the lightning response! :) I wish you a nice day! ;)

iris, thank you for your urgent reply! :) Bobby, I always strew them in the evening and the next morning brew them. So I am comfortable because I'm at home, not go to work. Do not put them in the refrigerator, unless the weather is very hot. It happened to me to begin to brew and have to cut someone hour. Then continue cooking until the end. Good luck! :)

Ina, thank you again! :) I am very nasty, to drop everything closed in jars! ;) For now household will eat fresh cherries. I photographed the jars, but I see no point to upload photos. I prefer to look at the recipe to your great photos! :)

Bobby, I'm glad it was over successfully and already have jam for the winter! A shooting iTunes. Each picture is welcome. :)

Ina, jam is top! :) I am very happy! Before least it did Strudel puff pastry with cherries. Spring will make 3-4 doses. Thank you from the heart! :)

Bobby, I'm glad that you were pleased with them and used the so appropriate! :) A very good idea in this season to replace fresh cherries with jam. I just saw your photos of strudel, are wonderful! Two rolls so conveniently have settled in the pan! :) Home most consumed this jam, now half! :) Anyway, life and health, in the spring we know what to do! :)

Great sweet rose. For the first time I've cherry and I'm pleased. Sprinkle them with sugar and left them in the refrigerator, but I had not spent any juice all night. During cooking, however, offset :) Maybe is sorta- were more tvardi- type bigarreau. Anyway, I made one dose given me two jars and 1 pm. H. :) I will pravya- it knows;)

Ilianche to your meal! I am glad that I have been helpful! :)

Again napravih- this time a double dose. Sprinkle with sugar and immediately began to brew. Missed again indrisheto- became great. I left it in a row and then as a cold, you reach the desired consistency me. Thanks, tillia :)

Ilianche, I envy you - I did not this year because of the cherry village something simply dashed / rainfall / and have no cherries and sour cherries and Commercial Premium prefer to eat fresh! We still have several compote and jam jars from last year, they will be satisfied! :)