Jelly layered cake Charlotte

Submitted by enr on 12 Jan 2009
6 eggs
2 cup sugar
3 tbsp flour
4 vanilla
40 g gelatin (4 sachets)
1 liter milk
3 tbsp cocoa
2 cup ground walnuts
sunflower oil spreads
Jelly layered cake Charlotte
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Yolks are broken with 1 cup sugar, flour, vanilla and gelatin dissolved in 1 cup water. All of this was added to 1 liter of boiled milk and boil as cream. Separately, beat egg whites with 1 cup sugar foam and added to the cream. Cream is divided into three equal parts, the first is left as second turns cocoa and the third put ground walnuts. Put in greased cake form first, second and third mixture, allowed in the refrigerator to gel for about 3-4 hours.
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12 Jan 2009


incredibly delicious and beautiful cake it, do it from years

I also I'm doing it for years. In my first recipe seeded 1 jar of apricot compote. Becomes even more beautiful and delicious. The form does not paint with oil.

I just made it and put it in the refrigerator. I dub as anything (is moving threads in my bed), this mixture of which nothing is put I put lemon zest or orange. Will then photograph it and upload photos.

iliana0940 ​​like watching photos and my mouth full, which means that you will get it naprovya cakes.

Great is the cake. But the image of that neotgovarya recipe from you!

But everything looks perfect and original. Bravo :)

If the form is carefully cake with a hole in the middle, when the cake turn seems more beautiful. In the mixture which does not put anything I add chocolate sticks.

The cake looks just because the layers are mixed when hot liquid. Which was performed earlier, wait to gel.

By no means I was not sitting in layers, poured out at the bottom with nuts because this is the most severe and anyway will fall at the bottom. And the other two colors them indiscriminately poured a little of both. To make this cake in 3 layers (nice split) have a lot of time and do not have this!

right should look cake with mixed cake. Bravo iliana0940! Only once made it as gelling each cake individually, but you're right I lost a lot of time and the effect is the same as if the latter must not be mixed.

The cake looks great! Sure is delicious! BRAVO!

will try the cake, it seems to me very interesting.

made her become incredible. Bravo to the author. The children loved it.

I decided I did the cake. Just became incredible! Very nice, Recommend it to all :)

I would like to ask the gelatin in the water bath it be dissolved or only soaked in water and how long boil the cream. looks delicious and I would like to do, but first if you can answer

and something else does it matter if the cream is warm by adding proteins

I'm not one of the most experienced, but I can help you with vaprosa :) So on gelatin, it just dissolved in a glass of water, not the water bath. For the cream, I can say that boil as an ordinary cream while zgasti do normally, but in this case it was not zgastyava in cooking a lot, but do not be scared because when cool, Toi gelling of gelatin and zgastyava. Proteins are put in the cream until it is on fire and boil. Some things in preparation are questionable, but povyarvai me, it is worth to try. Good luck :)

thanks for helping Antonio. I did it, and it became incredible. My friend loved itand I also. very tasty

very tasty get BRAVO

Wonderful recipe, if not put gelatin can be laminated in a cream freezer and have homemade ice cream.

Hello, cake became great. Since these did not have the required products need to inproviziram, I used what IMH. I used nai obiknozheno sweetened strawberry jelly fmesto gelatin and divided mixture of 2 and not 3, as in the 2nd put cocoa. Do not even put yourself nuts because I did not. Many thanks for the wonderful recipe, the cake was so nice barely managed to try it so quickly over. For those who are afraid to try I can only say in pledges and easy recipe you will not find.

Super camp and all loved it. Bravo! :)

just made it in this recipe-shte put my picture then

How gelatin will boil together with eg. Milk? I know I should not be heated more than 40 *. Lest I be misunderstood?

: (((You wouldnt proteins are added while the remaining hot cream - so did May crossed, everything became rags: (((I'll cool though, but hardly going to eat

I add them to the already cooled mixture just before it is split. The first time I poured them into the warm cream and became one ...

Great cake! After the first time I did that was not long ago I'm doing it quite often. I love her and all who have tried it. Thanks for the recipe and explanations. ;)

This recipe know it for many years, from mom-notebook memory from my childhood-with very few adjustments. Gelatine dissolve it in a water bath, the proteins broken down into the snow with some sugar was added to the cooled, but not boiling yolk mixture, no fatliquoring form.

Dolly. water in which dissolve gelatin, cold is it?

beltytsite in hot cream you put

natalija, look slightly down your questions have already been discussed in the comments. For gelatine - have successful reviews dissolved in a water bath and just dissolved in a glass of cold water. For proteins - the best cream is slightly cooled. I would personally followed the desislava_pm, who has written a comment just before you.

Great cake! I had doubts about gelation, but I made it exactly the recipe and the result is incredible.

Peta4e81, cake looks great!

This is a cake that we love! This time did not stain the cream, let it only added white and croissants with vanilla and cherry (two lines), also strawberry jam. Became a big yummy!

Once upon a time I did this cake very tasty but became disintegrated form, now do it again and hope to take it out unscathed, if kind will put a picture. Cross your fingers

cake became incredible! Now more often will do !!

And I do so Sharlotata. One of the favorite desserts of my family

great dessert!

The cake is very nice but gelatin settle to the bottom of the form. Where wrong PLEASE help

And I had the problem of valerii - to me part of my Jell settle to the bottom :( And second - when poured mixtures in cakes form chstichno they mingled - not znam..predpolagam that consistency of cream I was sparse. These things, however, not prevented us to eat this delicious charlotte :)

Good, tasty and impressive! :)

Very. well I substituted walnuts with raisins