Layered cake with Mascarpone without baking

Submitted by enr on 26 Nov 2013
250 g biscuits cake
4 eggs
250 g feta cheese Mascarpone (maybe processed cheese Natural Philadelphia)
250 ml pastry cream
1 cup sugar
pinch of salt
1 tsp coffee (instant)
250 ml warm water
1 tbsp amaretto or other sweet liqueur
200 g white chocolate spread
100 g biscuits, no matter what - or very broken ground for decoration top
Layered cake with Mascarpone without baking
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First prepare the cream on the cake by separating whites from the yolks of eggs in separate bowls. To add the yolks whole cup of sugar and whipping low mixer (maybe in a blender), sugar should be dissolved completely (no crystals in the mixture) must become a light cream, then add the mascarpone broken. Entire creamy inserting 30 moments in the refrigerator. We continue with the agitation of the pastry cream snow and finally a egg white (also snow) added a pinch of salt. Once the yolks have stayed in the fridge begin to add them to the cream in a row and then beaten whites. Stirring slowly to not drop the ingredients in a circular motion. Our cream is ready. The cake redim as follows biscuits soaked in hot water, coffee and liqueur (can do without it if you do not), redim all solid row, pour some of the cream of the next line biscuits after soaking and ordered greased with plenty of white chocolate spread and pour again with some of the cream and do so until the ingredients. For the top I personally digest any cookies (a very small as pollen), sprinkle the whole cake tightly 4-5 mm and when eating shows how sprinkle as snezhets. Leave in refrigerator to set (1 night is perfect).
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26 Nov 2013


I would not allow the use of raw eggs, there pasteurization yolks and whites itself will work in the mascarpone, egg yolks with sugar mix to slow fire until a thick white cream cooled mixed with mascarpone. Everyone decides for themselves whether to risk.

I do not know at all who decides where the work of the protein or mascarpone. If they eat children's natural ways to stay cautious, but I personally if the eggs from hens of my grandmother I have eaten raw as a child and they have complete confidence. Does not prevent the yolks to warm water bath. There sum recipes with raw yolks and whites and .. lest the meat iliu products in the store are not dangerous ?? or just do not know ..

There are several recipes on the site with raw eggs and I feel that the past is any question came up there a way to avoid. Using raw eggs in confectionery is quite valid, but really it is worrying that something might happen. Real well preserved eggs are not dangerous, but ultimately everyone decide whether to use a recipe :)

Everyone has the right to prepare a recipe, as it sees fit and as his appeal would not be bad if shared with others if something has changed, what has been achieved but! Nobody has the right to say / blame why someone has done the recipe exactly with these products and where they belong, still in culinary exactly the same dish can be prepared with a slightly different products or spices - just a matter of taste how will be selected so that the cook, not argue to you where it belongs;)

And I'm certain reservations about raw eggs, although promising recipe is delicious. In this regard, I ask - anyone know preparation for obezarazyavane eggs. For such (not specified) mention buy Ancho - chef of T. G., party leaders to be protected. Rovinj on the internet - but tsk ... Mom once bathing them with bleach and then washing them with a brush and rinse thoroughly with soap - never smelled of bleach then. So if someone suggest the matter be grateful. Hello! :)

CVETETO3101, see here - Something to help you. I also have uploaded recipes with raw eggs. Once they often did / Pets eggs / and no one complained. Now I do not dare to prepare! A egg wash well with warm water and soap and then with baking soda and rinse thoroughly.

tillia, thank you very much MILA! I wrote and Message of Brides for clarification! Hello! :) :) :)

I have prepared a recipe for the first time recently and I loved it even reminded me of a very famous cake of a company Burgas (leaf) if someone had tried I think this taste will delight you:) In our home we had eggs And do not worry, but if the store really I do not know how it is processed. (And we had children so often licking raw mixes cake fingers and are healthy .. fortunately) will be happy already Try it :)