Layered cake muesli of sladka hapka

Submitted by enr on 17 Jun 2011
biscuits (plain)
sugar (honey, sweetener) - optional
fresh seasonal fruits
muesli (fine oatmeal)
raisins, nuts (optional)
Layered cake muesli of sladka hapka
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In rectangular tray are placed close cookies. On them thoroughly put yogurt in an even layer. Evenly sprinkle with granola (I had muesli, so I used fine oatmeal, raisins, chopped dried fruits and walnuts). Should turn whole or cut fruit of your choice or the season (cleared of stones used cherries, cut in half). It is applied another layer of yogurt and again starting from ordinary biscuits. Depending on the depth of the tray are 2 or 3 rows of biscuits. The final layer consists only of biscuits, yoghurt and ends with granola. Put it in the fridge for a few hours to soak in yogurt and muesli biscuits. Serve decorated with fruit. This cake * * drink a lot of yogurt to make it juicy and mild. Yogurt can be sweetened optional.
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17 Jun 2011
Cake Muesli of sladka hapka -


Just interjected that Pastry Rossi is divine inspiration, not only in the big heat :) that he has not tried to experience will remain fascinated by the lightness and freshness and :)

perfect light dessert!

hit the wrong place! Grandson liked it so much that I had to do it again, but in a larger pan. He himself ate almost all and even I was afraid he would not be sick! The beauty of this dessert is that depending on the available products can be made and greater, and in a smaller amount. With a few biscuits and a little yogurt one can make a great healthy morning or afternoon snack. Pepa, I'm glad that I learned the name of the author. There are some great recipes!

Ina, I'm glad that I was useful :) I very much respect the recipes of Rossi and constantly inspires her. Her know that I can always find a fast, easy and very tasty things :) I'm glad that you are you may like.

made it into the baking pan with the size 35h27 cm. It took me 600 g biscuits (locals most ordinary butter crackers), 1 kg of nectarines, 1, 7 kg of yogurt, 300 g muesli. Not sweetened. I have not cut it yet, you should first soak.

I was wondering whether to say what happened. I decided to say it. Nectarines darkened and gained slightly sour taste. I had to correct them. I think you will get the same with peaches and apricots. And apples and pears. So vnimayvayte in the selection of fresh fruit and fruit compote not darken. Now the rest - biscuits and muesli softened and Muffler. It was just thick gum chewing here and there crunching a nut. Obviously, this is the purpose of the recipe, because I wrote it, it must be so. But we do not like it. Moreover, It was not a *light* because I used whole milk yogurt (my fault).

I did it before you read comment Rally with peaches. Now try it - peaches are not blackened and good taste, but as a whole I do not like this taste. I did it with crackers with honey, granola with raisins and cinnamon and yogurt, not sweetened (presumably this is not to my taste, I love a sweet). I was able to shape it like a cake even - not razkashi, but once cut it almost collapsed :). Here are some pictures.

John, great beauty! Very, very beautiful decoration! Yours is a small amount, I do not believe to stand long enough to darken. My nectarines were dark the next morning :)

Thank Rally. I tried to do weave a basket (for this purpose using the cream, which is tight) I used sour cream with chocolate (chocolate hoping to tighten cream), but did not get the expected result. But now that mingled with the cream cake and became more sweet and started to like it already ate a lot. Will quack rest of tonight anoint, may eat it, so as not to sour peaches :). Next time I'm going to make it with milk and fruit with oatmeal (cinnamon thing I did not like). Pastry is good - healthy is!

Rally razkashilo is because nectarines have a lot of juice. I made a *baking dish* (cardboard, foil obvihtvav) to give it a bit desired shape of the cake and juice peaches had expired in the court in which I had worked. I used only 3 peaches and juice was separated whole glass. Should not be used very juicy fruit to avoid this razkashvane.

No, John, is not it, to me there was expired juice. Everything - fruit juice and whey Yogurt were taken in biscuits and muesli. Just the mere fact that they are soaked and not crispy, not liking me / us. That's what I say kashnato (when there is nothing to chew). The whole cake only thing felt between teeth byaka nuts, otherwise it felt like thick cream, very sticky. It may be appealing to many people, but we barely swallow.

It, Rally me the juice runs out, because there was no bottom (do not rule in the baking pan) while you juice is soaked in muesli and biscuits, as well as whey and has come in more. At least, I think.

Well, I did it, as indicated in the recipe :) If indeed this was the reason - juicy fruit - then it should be noted in the recipe that is unsuitable species. But I think that what to us was unpleasant, many people like it. I've heard that some of your muesli soaked evening, others like broken into yogurt seepage, but not crispy, but the mess, like a baby. All tastes;)

almost every morning confuse children and myself just like slurries and told them I would do it like a cake straight would beat me

Includes very late in the comments, but no internet for a while. First give a quote from the author herself recipe *This is a very mild summer cake, which can be done even by children ... The appearance is subject to* beautify *if the dessert is served demanding gourmet. In nerazkraseniya form is perfect to eat from the baking pan. I put unsweetened yogurt, I used only the sweetness of biscuits and fruits, but for lovers of sweet is better to put a little sugar in yogurt. *Rally, sladki64e, sorry that you do not like to taste, but so is the diversity of dishes - have for everyone! sladki64e, your pictures are wonderful!
In our family this cake became a summer hit and grandson because I'm doing it already 7-8 times. Samples with fresh peaches; fruit compote of peaches; with summer pears and apples petrovki / only that they should be planed in yogurt, not turning black /; bank dzhanarki; bananas. Top sprinkle sometimes cocoa, chocolate chips, coconut - did a lot to improvise and do it every time. Indeed, in some cases, I separated some juice, but next time I was making a little more oatmeal, because in the beginning I put in a small amount. In our family we often for breakfast oatmeal with yogurt and other additives so that this cake is far superior taste. ... But tastes different!

Another desire grandson - with melon, peaches and plums.

Magnificent is

Diana, I'm glad you liked it!

looks very appetizing! I love granola with yogurt and I think I would love cake :)

Rennie when love granola with yogurt will definitely like it. Cake tolerate any improvisation :)

tillia, wonderful picture

Thank you, Jack! Pleased that you made a good impression :)

very beautiful picture, very good camera! Deserves to stand for advertising in each cafeteria, attracts and invites to sit, to otpiesh and try! And I have prepared a month ago, but there was this kind. Bravo!

snowy, thank you heartily for the assessment and the kind words! I'm touched!