The layered cake Ronnie

Submitted by enr on 06 Mar 2009
3 ready bases
200 g of sour cream or yogurt
syrup compote or syrup made from 100 ml water + 1 tbsp sugar
jam or marmalade of your choice
2 cream powder of your choice
chocolate or colored sticks for decoration
The layered cake Ronnie
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Get ready bases and carefully divide them. The court, which will stack the cake spread the butter do not stick to the bases and you can more easily cut from the pieces to separate them from it. Put first base, syrup carefully and sparingly so as not podgizva. Then smear with sour cream or strained yogurt. Spread the jam on top. The cream is prepared according to those instructions on the package. Divide the cream from one pakekche of two parts (the second packet will cover the cake). With one watering cream smear first base. Put the second base on top without pressing carefully and following in the footsteps of the first - brush with jam and then with cream. Insert and third base and again is coated with a jam, and then with the rest of the cream is spread throughout the cake top and sides. Top cover the entire cake with cream. Decorate of your choice. It is the cake to stand for at least 2-3 hours in the refrigerator before being served. The more aged the more delicious it.
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06 Mar 2009


very quickly became, and I guess it is delicious! Will try it :)

Why are 2 different photos of cakes :) Many are delicious mmm.

:) What are made in the same way and recipe, but the decoration on them is different;)

And here today again the same recipe

will try today that my son's birthday