Light layered cake with croissants

Submitted by enr on 03 Aug 2009
cream cakes Oetker or another cream of your choice
200 g liquid pastry cream
400 g of milk
sugar and biscuits for decoration
Light layered cake with croissants
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The croissants are cut into thin slices , arranged in laminated form with foil, sprinkled with a little sweetened milk, and top Spread prepared from cream and finished cream cream, leaving little for decoration. Top lining again croissants, slightly watered with milk. Leave in refrigerator to set and turned upside down in the tray. Decorate with cream, caramel and cocoa biscuits, broken.
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03 Aug 2009


Well done - fast, easy, delicious! Immediately folder!

Goes favorites Zdravche bravo! I saw another picture in the forum - and add it to the recipe here!

already in favorites.

Wonderful cakes Zdravche!

Zdravche, I liked the recipe! Most importantly, it has no baking! Bravo!

Thank you. I'm glad you like it, because I came up yesterday and improvised movement, but get very gently.

really looks taste and how croissants are needed - approximately?

It depends on the form. I used 4kroasana. Only that I do not know how many cm is the diameter of my form, then we will measure, and you'll say.

It is very nice and easy!

Great recipe! Congratulations, Vida!

Bravo! Sounds amazing! Fast, easy, delicious!

Hello, I want to say that this cake is great. Today my friend's birthday and everyone was delighted with my surprise (cake) Excellent recipe ... I bit her and doukrasih and I added bananas (banana cream and fruit rings) ... here's a picture of me and .. .

It is wonderful! so easy and so delicious!

Bravo for easy and interesting cake.