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# For the base:
200 g spinach
180 g flour
20 g wheat starch
3 eggs
400 ml milk
# For cream and decorations:
4 eggs
feta cheese, cream, mayonnaise, chutney and spices of your choice
parsley, dill
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First make green base for roll: spinach cleaned, washed, finely chopped, blanched ( if frozen first thaw and drain the water). Stir egg foam is added thereto sifted flour and starch, spinach, salt and milk - add a bit monitor the consistency of the mixture. You can add a little more flour or milk - you have to get a little thick dough batter. Pour into pan (30h40sm), covered with cooking paper and bake at average BBQ, 200 C. When finished, removable and draws on a damp cloth to remove food grade paper. Cut to squares in three different sizes. Boil Eggs and shape as lilies: severed equal top (in the narrowest part of the egg - this part will appear lower) than the wider part also cut a little ( about 1/6 of the egg) - enough to be removed more easily yolk. The egg white is formed with a knife or scissors zigzag, as notes of lily. From egg yolks, mayonnaise and creamy feta cheese a mix - yellow in color. Cream of feta cheese and chutney - reddish in color mixture. And cream the feta cheese, spices and a little light just a little mayonnaise - white mixture. Of the brightest color mix (red to stand out in the midst of egg white) is injected into the egg. In saucer arranged three pasta squares at the bottom of the largest, mid average and above the smallest, each rotated at an angle to the bottom. Place the filled egg and decorate the sides with the other mixtures. Decorate with sprigs of dill and parsley.
Very difficult
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24 Apr 2009


Very beautiful! Bravo! And the idea of ​​spinach sofa I liked!

Bravo Chrissy! It is very beautiful!

I love the beauty of perfectly served meals! BRAVO

great presentation of the appetizer. Goes to favorites. Easter will be a surprise for housebound. CONGRATULATIONS. One question. Spanaenata mixture of how different squares go?