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10 eggs
1/3 cup milk
5 tbsp vinegar
500 g feta cheese
sunflower oil
200 g butter
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Prepare two types of dough. The first batter - White involved with lukewarm water (about 200 ml), equal tsp salt 2 tbsp vinegar and flour. We need only two sheets. Divide into two balls, one slightly smaller than the other. Allow to rest and during this time the main Knead dough - egg. The second test - is a nice break eggs, add equal tablespoon salt, 1/3 cup milk and 3 tbsp vinegar. Knead the flour with medium hard dough, which divide 6 balls. Spread in greased baking pan (mine is 38 cm in diameter). Roll out the larger ball of white dough and spread it in the pan, so that its ends cover the walls. Place in a saucepan with salt water to boil. Of the six balls of the egg dough is rolled sheets, which should be roughly the size of the tray. Each sheet is cut into 4 pieces each and boil in salted water (for lasagna). Cooked and drained leaves are arranged in the tray on pre-event leaves of dough. Red boiled leaves and sprinkle with crumbled feta cheese and melted butter (or sunflower oil), back row boiled leaves crumbled feta cheese, butter and so on until end lists. Cover with a sheet of wordy separated white dough. Pour the banitsa with melted butter and bake in a preheated oven at 180-200 C for about 1 hour. During baking sheet by foil, so as not to burn the top. Baked banitsa sprayed with water and cover with a towel to smother.
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02 Feb 2010
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Very interesting recipe! Bravo! It would be helpful for me to know how much flour as above is needed. Do not start with a package and should be run in the middle of buying new ...:-) And for me not too much sharpening - what is the role of vinegar (except that sour: -)?

sometimes kilogram is enough for me, another log a little more vinegar and put to roll more easily / not passing / and thin, quiet, not sour;)

Thank you! Put in favorite and will wait to come his order. We are dishes without eggs, because of the small, but will find applications, because Merak have it:-)

more important is flattening, there is fatal if not get the flour, stick to the rolling pin

We call it a bathing PASTRY. But its taste is chedesen. Congratulations for the recipe!

Bravo recipe goes to Favorites :)