Midi natur

Submitted by enr on 20 Oct 2012
2 kg mussels
200 ml wine
30 g butter
10 g salt
1 carrot
1 onion
1/2 leeks
2-3 stalks celery
5-6 sprigs of parsley
Midi natur
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Wash the mussels, removing algae on them, remove broken. coarsely chopped carrots, onions, leeks, parsley and celery. Put in a deep pot sliced ​​vegetables (2 kg mussels produce about 300 g vegetables) and mussels, add salt, thyme, wine and the butter and put to boil with the lid on medium to low heat. They are ready after about 20 minutes or until the shells are open. Serve at the table with the court to hold longer warm. Belgians consume them with fried potatoes and white wine and warm French bread with butter. * To me I like the taste when I make them with stalks celery, richer flavor a while with selarito not so intense aroma.
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20 Oct 2012


What is the difference between celery and celery? English celery is celery (stalks) of Bulgarian.

Yes it is. As I wrote in the wilderness is a more intense flavor. I have tried them both. When a sellers should put a greater amount to the same effect as 1 stalk celery. Can B-her not differ in taste, there am not experimenting, but here there is definitely a slight difference. Something as tame and wild. :)

My question was what is the difference between celery and celery? Celery (celery) is the word in English for celery, i. E. The same thing, but you obviously do you mean different things?

but because BG is sold under a different name so as it inscription. Here it is only the sheet is celeris, and buy it with the head celeris raves (i. E. The same name) but the second leaves are very small and not so healthy, thick and tall and strong taste. Hopefully I did not confuse you much.

As someone who not only buy, but also planting celery, I can say that there are 3 types: 1 - celery and onion with a little more green table - leaves and thin stems; 2 - celery head, used mainly tuber, which is large and has a green table with thin stems; 3 - so on. Celery - tubercle, thick stems / thickness as leeks / - little light green with little foliage / :) - a favorite decoration of Bloody Mary cocktail /. I guess in the recipe it comes to the latter type where used mainly stems.

Thanks Marina, now became clear to me :) I know only head celery and celery stalks (those with small leaves) without variations, so I was wondering.

Ronicat, interesting your recipe. I love mussels, but will wait until the summer to try it, when from mussel farms offer them in larger quantities, fresh and Bulgarian. Just for information: in Bulgaria is more common leaf and celery head - sometimes by saying chervil into exactly this kind. A man from whom he bought the seeds of celery and looking celery - celery with a thick stalks and leaves little more razpravyashte *ribbed*, and *ribbed* :). A little later I looked at Wikipedia and celery May not hit I'm kind :)

I love mussels and this recipe seems interesting. We in Bulgaria says ma_rri_na we used to eat mussels in summer. May it appears that is not entirely correct. Aliana was once wrote in a comment to another recipe that anywhere in the world prohibit fishing for mussels in the summer, because it is their breeding season. Anyway, we live in Bulgaria and eat them when they are on the market, namely the right through the summer. For this reason I think this recipe is more suitable for the winter because of the leeks. In my present term mussels natur is associated with slightly different spices and vegetables - garlic instead of leeks and the green spices very suitable fennel and lovage (Varna call it shell).

This is the original name under which it can be found this recipe in Belgium therefore not changed. Here in Western Europe are put mussels in September and early October their peak. Almost all restaurants offer them for lunch, even in IKEA when the whole city poured to eat there because of the low price :)

noble envy you that you can eat them at this time of year. I searched for some time the fish auction and told me that March will not load. There are frozen in a bottle of summer, but another is to eat them straight from the shell.

hello, forgot to put what is wine. White or red? I guess that is white :)

yes, wine is white. Thanks for the hint :)