Natural vanilla

Submitted by enr on 05 Jun 2012
500 ml vodka 40%
15 vanilla pods (60-70 g) (best of Madagascar)
dark bottle, which was sealed
Vanilla cut lengthwise. Scraped seeds and then cut into pieces of 4-5 cm. This is because they need to be fully covered by alcohol. Place the chopped pods and scrape seeds into the bottle and pour the vodka. Closed tightly and kept in a dark place for 6 months. In the first month, shaking at least once a day. After the second month in the fragrance does not feel a trace of alcohol. After six months use. Strain through a coffee filter. Filtration takes time, because the extract passes through the filter, drop by drop. 2 tbsp usually sufficient for sweets. Remove from the bottle pieces of vanilla pods can be dried (in the oven or in a natural way) and with them to prepare vanilla sugar.
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05 Jun 2012


A very useful recipe! Pricey, but certainly useful. Bravo!

Thanks to the author for the recipe. I did a little - less than half dose - 200 ml. vodka and 5 pieces split in half pods vanillin. Each time you use Bourbon vanilla pod, put the rest - pod in bottle. The result is good even after three months.