Passover with condensed milk

Submitted by enr on 14 Sep 2012
1.5 kg cottage cheese
2 raw egg yolks
2 boiled yolks
500 g butter
400 g boiled sweetened condensed milk
300 g of powdered sugar
1 cup raisins
1 cup ground walnuts
Passover with condensed milk
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The cottage cheese is mixed with butter and macerate cooked yolks. Sugar mix well with raw yolks. The two mixtures were combined. Add condensed milk, soaked for several hours in water and raisins the walnuts. Mix everything well. Traditionally, the cake is prepared in the form of a truncated pyramid. If not, use a deep bowl. It puts gauze and pour the mixture. Top is pressed with weight and put in the fridge for 24 hours. Cake is removed from the mold and remove the cloth. Decorate with optional walnuts, dried fruits, cocoa, etc.
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14 Sep 2012


vanja, what do you mean boiled sweetened condensed milk? Condensed milk boil as in a box or pour into skillet? How long does it boil and at what temperature?

So I wrote it, because in this version it has stores. Otherwise, if you only buy sweetened, cooked without opening the can, all covered with water, for about 3 hours on a slow fire. A kind of dulce de leche, but not always in a form ready for sale under that name.

I have not seen this product, thanks to the description :)

Let Vanya have nothing against that include a comment - this product is t. Pomegranate. Sgushtenka - sold in Russian shops and is the same as dulce de leche. I allowed myself to write this because I saw that the source is a Russian forum. Personally, I often buy milk from it and I am very happy.

With my limited knowledge of Russian as I understand I *Sgushtennoe Moloko* or *sgushtёnka* is that which we say condensed milk (sweetened) and *Varёnoe sgushtёnnoe Moloko* is cooked version or Dulce de leche?

Sgushtenka sgushtennoe Moloko or condensed milk (concentrated, condensed), with or without sugar. But in most cases, by saying sgushtenka, immediately make an association with sweetened milk, although the labels have option sgushtenka with saharom. Varenka, varenaya sgushtenka or varenoe sgushtennoe Moloko, as you wrote, Xevi, call it what it can be used in a form ready for dessert.

And what I meant varennaya sgushtenka, obviously I have not expressed correctly, my mistake.