Pita with spices

Submitted by enr on 20 Oct 2011
500-600 g flour
7 g of dry yeast (1 packet)
egg white 1
2 tbsp yogurt
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp sunflower oil
200 ml water
in 1 pinch of colored salt, basil, savory, garlic powder
2-3 tbsp sunflower oil
1 yolk for brushing
Pita with spices
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Of these products a soft paste. We leave it to rise and double in volume. As ready mix it, sprinkle with colored salt and savory mix it again. Shape the cake and spread with yolk. Bake at 150C or the oven until ready. After removing it from the oven, immediately dabbed with fragrant sunflower oil, which I have prepared it preparzhih and it put a little savory, colorful salt, garlic powder and basil. * Here now you can choose the flavors according to your taste and preferences. Spices must be dry, strong ground - only savory can be larger.
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20 Oct 2011


Thank you for the pictures! Look beautiful - all your creations! I've never done wonders in his life, shame, huh? Bake bread at least once a week, here again last night, but asks very complicated ... I think. But now with your decorations made me tempted to try!

Alianche particular are nothing special, and I did not know how anything until two years ago but had to learn. Time to start, and after you enjoy'll get many more models with detailed pictures of their knitting. I Sym sarin. My may be an obsession tyy as Sym artist and as a second profession and the food is a little bare and empty if nothing is embroidered.

With these decorations directly speechless. Thanks for showing a method of decorating the cake. It is very beautiful and really spectacular. I have not thought about the aromatic oil from above. I envy you noble talent - wheat sheaf and magnificent!

asks is in the oven. How long can I bake? I put olive oil, rosemary and thyme. @ Marina, I have fragrant oil / olive oil, which makes it cold. We'll rub it.

I apologize for the quality of pictures taken with mobile. Tonight maybe I'll return the camera and I can shoot normally. A loaf - swelled be uneven: - ((((((

Auuuu, great. And photos and recipe.

Wow! Here someone has tried quite a decoration! Rally, great! Doing incredible cakes, can not help but succeed and cakes! And this recipe will definitely try and I!

Here I remain without words! Rally, this is a work of art, decoration of what is, not because the color of the cake, how to do?

Beautiful asks only for advertising to you pity to eat!

Aliana again creates amazing beauty. Style decoration recognizable from afar :) so beautiful and elegant, extremely creative. What do not you like your cake? Kneading her so well that even the small flowers decoration are puffed and stand out. Striving for perfection and in the decoration and in the making.

Aliana - YOU ARE UNIQUE, NOT BEAUTIFUL Sym views on questions. Is gorgeous, so beautiful - congratulations, you are a master. To avoid natsepva I go with roller or a fork. I hope you liked the taste - share.

Good morning girls! Thank you for the compliments, I felt good, I read that you Harras decoration me :) @ Diana, especially your praise was very flattering because your layouts inspired me. @ Eda, Diana did not know what use to make of the figures. I personally dough for decoration made as dough figurines - flour, salt, water. All of the eye, the water dribble increasingly less and knead until it becomes pleasant, Non-adhesive, but not very hard. Stayed a little longer and can be used. From this dough and make baskets, once children in kindergarten modeling such. Different color is due to the fact that the cake covered with yolk on it and glue decorations. When baking yolk browning and the other dough remains white. Deliver me great pleasure, so far I was wrong, but surely there will be many more attempts :)

cake looks great and is probably very tasty. I want to ask how many large pan bake?

with my inexperience I'll answer what I know. Asks no need to be in baking pan. I put it in my hoop without bottom, just to be sure that there is to rise to break away and decoration. But my mother never wore cakes in pans.

di_jar in syshtiya way as Aliana, if I have time, however, otkysvam from the batter a ball. White color is obtained as the figure itself does not spread to zhyltyk, I dub the first floor cake with zhyltyk and then add the figures often paint in my favorite pearl colors. Baking pan that dough will come about 22 cm Sym not sure - I do always 1 kg. As you rise will judge - then another ROUTES inflate before baking

This beauty was first NESTO I saw from *Happy Chef*.I thanked the young housewife!Glad to living traditions and the respect that you have each other!Zapriatam rakazhite and follow you! Expected me daughter and grandchildren and again I felt happy wish to prepare and show the beauty of the Bulgarian table!Just know that it wants very much love and patience! I got them, I begin !!!