Pizza bubble

Submitted by enr on 12 Jan 2013
# For the dough:
350 ml milk
2 tsp sugar
2 tsp salt
2 tbsp olive oil
dry yeast - 1 packet (7 g) + 1/3 packet
flour - to nice Ball machine or soft dough
# For the filling:
300 g of ham, salami, cut into small cubes
200 g of cheese, cut into small cubes
Pizza bubble
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I kneaded the dough in the bread machine, but may by hand, to give a soft dough. If the machine, it rises to it, if a hand is allowed to rise. The finished dough is divided into balls the size of ping-pong that Oval nice. Take the first ball, which is already more relaxed and porazpava palm, place a little of all products for the filling and again shrinking ball that puts it in a buttered cake pan with a hole in the middle. Bottom ranks a row. Then began lining up marbles on them, as I watched them uttering checkered lower, and so on until all the balls do. Form with the prepared pizza is allowed to rise well and bake in a preheated oven. I Paiute of 170C degrees lower and fan on the second level bottom-up mode. You can check with a wooden skewer whether baked pizza. When ready, remove from oven and brush with butter. Cover with towel and leave it until cool. Only then turn into a suitable tray and your meal. * The filling may be your choice what you love. I gave the sample products which I worked on it.
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12 Jan 2013
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Pepolina, left me without words ... BRAVO, great idea! Add to favorites!

perunika, thank you sweetie! Very tasty obtained :)

Pepi this cake or pizza? Will try very much liked the arrangement.

steffanell, I would say it is more asking than pizza - pizza guess is named for products filling. Otherwise, and my favorite is now, and I do like :)

Pepolina, me too I like this recipe! (T) I threw it into the Favorites, in the near future will make it! Congratulations to the recipe idea! :)

flowers, but water is pizza, but it is something between a pizza and asks) abs importantly, get a very delicious thing does whatever it :)

xevi, hope and taste appeal to you :)

Lirinka, thank you very much! Will be glad if the recipe appeal and taste.

How I missed this recipe ?! Interesting proposal and spectacular! :)

Inche very vkusna happened:) and looking a little - unusual:) but impressive :)

It was wonderful pizza! :)

karry_mall, very happy :) Thank you!

It was a very impressive and delicious pizza! Bravo for interesting proposal!

Ehaaa, Rennie looks very good! Good for you! :)

Thanks, Pepi! This time I tried more bubbles :) I made a small (unlike the first time) :)

Rennie, has become a very nice pizza you! Thank you dear for your trust! Glad you Chavez and visual and taste :) Good Day from me!