Pork in Chinese

Submitted by enr on 28 Jul 2009
500 g lean pork
1 tsp ginger
2 tbsp soy sauce
2-3 cloves garlic
2 red peppers
2 tbsp starch
1 tbsp sesame
3-4 tbsp sunflower oil
salt pepper
2 tbsp lemon juice
Pork in Chinese
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Cut the meat into thin strips and marinate in soy sauce, crushed garlic, ginger. The peppers are cleaned and cut into thin strips. The starch was dissolved in 50 ml water and 1 tbsp soy sauce. In wok or deep frying pan heat the oil. Insert the meat and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add lemon juice, black pepper and peppers. Fry until ready meat. Pour the starch, add sesame. Cook to thicken the sauce. Serve with cooked rice.
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28 Jul 2009
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looks pretty tempting :) Be sure to try this recipe.

With the mushroom is more tasty

For color and put a green pepper. It is very tasty.

will probably laugh .. but I'm not so get up and if you can tell me what this paper and there you have it in ordinary shops ...?

Desi, starch is a natural wheat (corn) and is odorless and color. There it anywhere and the price is 0. 25 up depending on the manufacturer. You can replace it with flour.

thank you very much akva7 ... :)

Very nice recipe and easy to implement! I have no pictures because guests ate everything! :)

I made the recipe again-this time it became a dark sauce, I could have put more soy sauce! I added mushrooms.

Very easy and tasty. Thank you :)