Pork with unusual stuffing

Submitted by enr on 27 Feb 2009
100 g ground almonds
200 g of jam oranges or peaches
600 g pork loin
100 g sunflower oil
3 onions
40 g of curry powder
250 g rice
600 ml broth (from cubes)
50-60 g toasted flour
300 g yogurt
Almonds mixed with jam. Sirloin is cut in length, dissolve and hammered with hammer for chops. Insert stuffing Cover and pins with toothpicks, then fry half the fat from all sides until browned. Leave in a warm place. Luke cut into semicircles, fry in the remaining sunflower oil and sprinkled with curry powder. Rice is boiled and added to it chopped onion. To the sauce by frying the meat is added broth and boil once put the flour, previously dissolved in a little warm water. Arrange the meat on a plate, cut into slices, served with rice, roasted onion and yogurt in separate piles. The sauce is served separately in a bowl.
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27 Feb 2009


Zdravche recipe is good, but I want to ask whether it can be baked in the oven rather than braised. Because I do not like Fry meals. This heat treatment is not healthy for my family and very rarely, if not never Fry meals.

I do not know if you can, I've never tried roasted! I suppose that there will be no problem! If you try to say! This is one of the favorite dishes of my family. If nice roast and I'll try it!

I do not shrink from Fry or at least to do it. Meat in the oven heated slowly, so it is better to let go in a very hot pan without oil, to seal on all sides, so he sealed the pores and the juice remains inside. Then already put in a hot oven.