Potato Noisette

Submitted by enr on 16 Oct 2010
300 g potatoes
2 eggs
25 g butter or margarine
1 egg white
flour for rolling
salt, pepper, nutmeg
sunflower oil for frying
Potato Noisette
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Cook potatoes, peel and smash mashed. Not using a mixer. Even as the puree is hot, one by one add eggs and mix well. Add the butter, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Of this mixture form balls, rolled in flour and beaten up egg white and fry until golden.
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16 Oct 2010


eggs will not be cross if the puree is hot?

zuzkoto, sorry to late reply, but had to be prepared and then give you an answer. To them I poured Peel the potatoes with cold water, then blend them and ran until procedures ... puree was not so hot. I used 3 eggs, one and two egg yolks to the puree and the other two protein-breading.

A protein of snow you need to be broken?

No, gently break them with wire.

Thank you! Soon I will make them.

Many are delicious. I ate this specialty in a restaurant, I liked and I can make them at home :)

I invite them in two days and today I found time. Were great! Eat them now .. lovely appetizer for beer. I put a little bread crumbs, because it became very rare. Thanks for the recipe! :)

Great recipe! I love Noisette, but first do them (so far satisfied with Commercial Premium). Breading made in three versions - a protein as in the recipe, only with white flour and cornmeal. Me most I liked with corn flour, and they most resemble Commercial Premium. With protein frankly I lost a little taste of the potato, egg me too, but it became very fluffy. A white flour are little maznichki because of prolonged frying, so do not recommend them. I put in noazetkite and a small piece of cheese and received divine.