Potato sunflowers

Submitted by enr on 14 Aug 2010
800 g potatoes
1 egg + 1 egg white
1 tbsp butter or margarine
2 tsp flour
leaves of lettuce
# Filling optional:
200 g mushrooms
1 onion
80 g boiled carrot
2 tbsp sunflower oil (olive oil)
ground black pepper and salt
mince prepared for meatballs
finely chopped sausage and onion
filling of Potato ochentsa
finely chopped and seasoned optional chicken
chicken livers, fried with onions
cottage cheese, chopped dill, egg, salt
# spreads:
1 egg yolk
Potato sunflowers
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Potatoes Boil in salted water, peel and hot crush. Add the egg and egg whites, the butter, flour and mix everything. Finely chopped onions and mushrooms fried in the oil, add finely planed grater carrot, pepper, salt and fry for a few minutes (or preparing other stuffing). Potato mixture with wet hands form 12 balls and put in greased baking tray at a distance from one another in order to form more easily. Lightly pressed. In the middle of each ball is made a little hollow and filled with stuffing. Form * is * petals of each potato pita, like the handle of a wet spoon, press the dough and divide the edges of the petals. With wet fingers lightly pressed to be sharpened. Smeared with egg yolk, place in a preheated 180 C oven and baked until golden. Immediately smeared with butter. While still hot, were carefully removed from the tray by first knife peel off the edges of the leaves, and then a spatula was removed whole sunflower * * color. Slightly poizstinali served on leaves of lettuce (can use cabbage leaves, lime, grape leaves - something green to stand out better).
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14 Aug 2010
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Congratulations to the beauty that you created.

Beautiful and tasty, well done Ina! Put in favorite :)

Bravo, tillia, these beautiful sunflowers imported spirits in the dishes. And this choice of fillings would satisfy a very broad range of gustatory whims.

Bravo, beauty!

Thank you, girls! Long ago I came across this recipe, I loved it, still I am going to do and finally her turn comes. Filling in the original is the first - with mushrooms. For others now that I think of, but there are still secure. Because no lettuce, it occurred to me to use the leaves of lime. Of experience in the preparation of *sunflowers* I tried to describe in detail the whole process. I hope I helpful.

BRAVO idea is great. I baked them empty and then filled them with a salad of shredded cabbage, carrots, chicken fillet, tomato and mayonnaise. Became an ideal appetizer

Give evaluation, because I am sure in the taste of the dish, which grabs you at first sight.

Well done, Paul! Here is another great option of stuffing. I do not know who the author of the recipe, but really created something very interesting, rich with opportunity for improvisation.

Oh what a beauty. Incredibly beautiful proyzvedeniya culinary healing skill of its creation. It can satisfy a wide range of gustatory whims. Thanks for orginal recipe.

Great is received. Thanks for the recipe Ina. I boiled potatoes with daf. leaf, allspice and black pepper. Rating: Excellent

Iva, I am convinced that it has received more fragrant and delicious with these supplements!

I started to do them very often Guest are very effective. This time to the potato mixture added olive oil, about 100 grams. Grated Parmesan cheese and seasoning tarator. I baked them empty and filled them with a salad of smoked chicken, pickled cucumbers, egg, mustard and mayonnaise. Were amazing taste. Once again thanks for the recipe

I forgot to say that I do not put flour peel yourself from the paper

Bravo! Very interesting is received!

is not the first time I make this appetizer, but I had some difficulty because I used some imported German potatoes and mix, although I added more flour, was a little sparse! The taste did not suffer, only the vision! :) To the one filling was onion, sausage and nettle; other / after them baked without stuffing / - cottage cheese, seasoned with salt, garlic and fresh dill.

Ina, sunflowers you are gorgeous! I put them in your favorite and waiting in line :)

Thank you, viliya! Hope you enjoy them! :)

Spectacular served dish! Do not put the flour, but I added cheese and onions. Thank tillia the idea.

Rheine, I'm glad you used the idea! As far as I can see, made them larger - a sunflower for a portion. This is also an idea. Precisely and more easily form! :)