Potato temptation

Submitted by enr on 23 Jun 2010
5-6 potatoes
200 g processed cheese (natural)
200 ml cooking cream
200 g smoked pork
100 g mushrooms mushrooms
Potato temptation
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Cook potatoes and peel. In hot oil, fry the diced mushrooms and smoked pork, add processed cheese and cream and stir until melted processed cheese. Withdraw from heat. Potatoes cut into cubes and place in a glass or small pan, pour with cream sauce, add salt and pepper and stir. Bake is uncovered in the preheated oven for 15 minutes at 250 C.
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23 Jun 2010


This really is quite delicious! Go to favorites to try!

similar recipe and I do, but without pre-Fry mushrooms and meat also cooks finally shred cheese. As a spice of this meal can be added and dill.

Yes, in principle Grate the cheese, but because I did not love him for it I did not add.Who wants to put whatever is tasty. :)

It's really very tasty! Thanks for the recipe and bravo! :)

now cook similar recipe, but it's in my Jena pan to bake without using fat. The recipe is a nice

For me, technology is slightly different (not boil the potatoes in advance and did something like moussaka with vegetables. Then I poured a cream-cheesy sauce, grated cheese and zapekoh just a bit). Plus product recipe and added corn, broccoli and sausage. The recipe is very nice. Was very tasty and juicy dish.

I'm glad you like it :) lately distribute everything in gyovecheta and grated cheese becomes splendor;) try so