Quick bread stuffed buhtichki

Submitted by enr on 19 Jul 2010
1 cup beer
1 cup carbonated water (maybe simple)
1/2 tsp salt
flour to obtain a dough slightly thick from the pancake
bread type baguette or plain
sunflower oil (olive oil)
# For salt stuffing:
feta cheese, ham and everything another according to your taste and imagination
# For sweet stuffing:
crude fruit of your choice, jam, jam
Quick bread stuffed buhtichki
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Mix beer and water. Add flour and crushed. Sprinkle salt, flour again and again defeated. You can get dough slightly thick from the pancake. Cut bread (Baguette) into slices 1 cm thick (to use an ordinary cup cut the circles). salt stuffing: on a slice of bread, put a piece of feta cheese (the photos are of this option, so I describe it). The piece must be very thick and about 3-4 mm. Sprinkle with red pepper (or other favorite seasoning). Put the other slice on top, pressing lightly and dip slices in two rare dough. Fry in a pan with hot oil. When gain appetizing tan turn, pressing lightly on top, so hold for 1-2 seconds and let them fry until browned on the other side. sweet stuffing: The technology is the same as in the savory option only if you use raw fruit sprinkled with sugar and then sandwiching the second slice. slices may be moist. If you use plain water and put 1/4 tsp baking soda, quenched in vinegar. It is not well with the baguette (bread must be more dense).
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19 Jul 2010


recipes and beautiful photos. Goes to favorites.

Great recipe. Bravo. Already in favorites.

terrific offer for breakfast ... how I had not thought until now. Bravo! Perhaps a baguette to make. Tomorrow will probram. And the pictures are great. Once again Bravo!

Thank you. I am glad that is interesting and like the recipe. korneliq, I tried it with a baguette, but I got better. It is loose and put the cheese is torn. If you do not put stuffing might happen. Will wait for feedback (hopefully there are pictures), as tomorrow will do. Me personally I like the black bread.

Today I made them with whole slices of bread. Filling of cheese. Some served with sweet cherries. Me personally I liked so much. Next time will try to put between slices of delight and syrup. I'll write about the outcome.