Roasted fortune (Fortune Cookies)

Submitted by enr on 01 Aug 2009
25 g flour + more for sprinkling
2 egg whites
75 g of powdered sugar
25 g cornmeal
3 drops vanilla essence
1 tsp hazelnut sunflower oil
butter spreads
Roasted fortune (Fortune Cookies)
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Heat oven to 180 C. Grease with butter two baking trays and sprinkle with flour. Highlight on them 4 rounds of 9 cm diameter plain dough cutter. Lightly beat egg whites, add sugar and two types of flour. Add vanilla extract and hazelnut sunflower oil. Pour 2 tsp of the mixture on each round as you fill it with a very thin layer of dough. Bake first portion 8-10 minutes or until golden. Replace it with a second prepared tray. Peel off the circles one by one and in any place fortune written on thin strips of paper. Fold them in half. Refraction folded hand on the edge of the bowl. Thus make any fortune. If the circles are hardened, return them for a while in the oven. Cool lattice. Serve at the end of dinner. * Fortune can also be typed or printer.
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01 Aug 2009


OOO, flowers! gold to, I always wondered how to do such luck. Gave me a great idea - assessment 6.

I hope you do the job :)

BRAVO flowers! The idea is very original!