Roasted vegetables with cream

Submitted by enr on 14 Feb 2013
3-4 potatoes
200 g canned peas
200 g cauliflower tin
green leaves on a small stalk leek
piece of carrot
salt and spices to taste
100-150 ml cream Cooking
50 g cheese
Roasted vegetables with cream
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Cook potatoes, peel and cut into circles. The leaves of the leeks finely, grate carrot finely grater. Mix vegetables with canned, drained of liquid, flavor with salt and spices. Pour the mixture into a baking dish. Top distributed cream. No addition of fat or liquid. Bake initially in a hot oven, as it starts to turn red, the temperature was reduced to moderate. A few minutes before turning off the oven dish sprinkle with coarsely grated cheese and dopicha. * You can use other vegetables, fresh or frozen. * For 2 servings.
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14 Feb 2013


I'll try, I liked the pictures are perfect as always.

Thank you flowers! These products had at hand and I needed something fast :) With fresh products will become even more delicious.

It looks very tasty and useful. Definitely go to Favorites and will try :)

Desi, I hope you like it :)

Inche here to tell you that this gozbichka already chasing me all day :) very tasty look and taste no doubt.

Perfect performance! So appetizing photos immediately grabbed me. Writing down the recipe! :) I will prepare it with fresh vegetables. Thank you, Ina-amazing!

Pepa, thank you!

Desi, where disappeared, dear ?! Glad that again appear on the site! :) Thank you for the kind words! I am glad that this simple and easy dish you like, and fresh vegetables will be more delicious.

And I added a recipe to favorites, I will try with fresh vegetables! Compliments for the photos! :)

Thank you Orris! I hope the response is positive!

It must be tasty, add to favorites!

nelia, I hope you try them! :)

Surely! And I will write the result.