Rolls cheese

Submitted by enr on 16 Aug 2010
300-350 g cheese
200-250 g mayonnaise
2 boiled eggs
chopped dill
1-2 garlic cloves
1/2 cup minced meat or finely chopped walnuts
Rolls cheese
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Cheese cut into thin squares or rectangles. Boiled eggs cut very finely, add 2/3 of the mayonnaise, chopped garlic and dill. Mix everything well. On each piece of cheese put the mixture and turn to roll. Each roll is smeared with mayonnaise and sprinkle with or add some walnuts.
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16 Aug 2010


I like the idea of ​​rolls of cheese just did not understand so raw you eat and can replace mayonnaise with others. product unfortunately can not be consumed.

:) Well, eat raw rolls. A mayonnaise can be replaced with sour cream or milk strained.

Good, very good proposal.

It will be very tasty and fast, good, So thank you.

Thanks for the recipe, it is interesting and delicious. But I sgafih, shame shame will priznaya- after I had prepared everything turned out that cheese I like chopping slice it / always buy the same cheese is this time as a new kind of misfortune chose to try /. Anyway, I was wondering what to do and cut out shapes with sweet cheese and glued pieces of stuffing. I enclose a picture of my greshchitsa promise however to do rolls and let a picture.

nelale, it is interesting proposal. I liked :)

made them, but to demolish and forgot to take pictures on rolls are better, much more filling there. Very nice appetizer. We'll do this again.