Salad mix with crab sticks

Submitted by enr on 04 Jul 2012
250 g crab sticks
1 jar of pickles (800 g)
2 carrots
250 g sweet corn (from the box)
2 tbsp white wine
200 g mayonnaise
1/4 connection dill
pepper, salt
Salad mix with crab sticks
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Rolls and pickles are cut for moussaka. Carrots grated, dill cut finely. In a bowl, pour all of the above products and mix with a spoon. It is good if you have the time, the salad to stand at least 1 hour in the refrigerator.
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04 Jul 2012


Bobby, I can not say what is the taste of the salad (did not try anything that comes out of the water), but my son loved it :) And if he says so (very fussy), then salad is delicious :) In his proposal swapped carrots with cheese and sausage added.

Reni, beautifully served, the whole picture has created. I admire everything and create our show. Congratulations :)

Thank you, Amy! Directly involved in my decorating :) Good thing I did some of the products they use ... :)

Rennie, great picture! :) And my son is very fickle, although already 27 years old. Glad you liked the salad was a child. This picture shows already and Christmas decorations, and I still hang out. Good evening, I wish the whole family! ;)