Salted layered cake

Submitted by enr on 17 May 2010
1.2 kg boiled potatoes
110 g butter
500 g cooked boneless chicken
300 g mayonnaise
100 g yogurt
5 boiled eggs
salt, pepper
Salted layered cake
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Cooked and peeled potatoes are grated and mixed with the butter. Seasoned with salt, pepper and dill. Chicken cut into small pieces. In a baking dish with loose bottom put half the mashed potatoes and lightly pressed. On it distributes meat pour mixture of mayonnaise and milk, which can also be flavored with pepper and a little salt. Cut a few pickles (the number depends on the size), which is covered mayonnaise sauce. On them shall be grinded yolks and ends with the remaining mashed potatoes, again pressed to match. Leave in the refrigerator for at least one hour. The cooled cake and tightened already demolded and Spread top and sides with mayonnaise. Egg whites grate on the cake and decorate wish.
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17 May 2010


very tasty idea. And well decorated.

I like. Congratulations Vesi.

Ham tasty, yet beautiful. Will try mandatory. Goes to favorites.

Yes, very good offer!

Good idea dapadna I love many salads and in front of guests is it well with, well done.

A Can meat be replaced by something else? For example, cheese or cheese. I ask because one of my friends do not eat meat.

It looks very impressive. Thanks to whoever posted it.

recipe generally is very original, I often prepare such salty cakes for guests and usually they remain fascinated. This will surely try.

Galiver, salty cakes tolerate any improvisation can replace meat with some cheese, why not :) vegetable as well as tuna and pickles ... if you love fish :) success ...

often do salad with these products without katrofite, do it in layers, becomes great, and will try this version :)

I do salad with these ingredients - grated and mixed, will now do and cake. Great idea

And mine is without meat :).

Very fresh and beautiful Saturday I had called her!