Shipkov leaven

Submitted by enr on 24 Jul 2010
1 kg hips
7 liters of water
600 g sugar
6 g of citric acid
10 g of brewer's yeast
Sugar is dissolved in appropriate amount of water and placed on the fire to boil for 10 minutes added Citric acid to impart a pleasant taste, and stir to melt everything. To ferment faster and better effect is added, and brewer's yeast. Reconstituted syrup to cool. Hips are put in the jug and pour in the cooled syrup. Place the container at room temperature. After a few days the mixture begins to ferment. Strain and put in bottles, closed well - and is ready to drink.
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24 Jul 2010


Can not brewer's yeast to make and where to purchase it?

Beer yeast is bought from a pharmacy. And if you can not put I do not know, because this recipe got it from his aunt, the yeast becomes more tasty, and when done in the village keep him in the basement of the cold and act very refreshing and cooling effect.